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8 Things Every Mother-of-the-Bride Should Help With

Mom will be more than willing to help out in any way she can, so we’ve outlined some tasks she can hit the ground running with during the planning process.

mother hugging bride

mother hugging bride

Photo: Tyler Boye Photography

The best thing about a mother-of-the-bride is that she’s always there when you need her, right?

Well, planning a wedding means you’re going to need her now more than ever. Chances are she’ll be more than willing to help out in any way she can, so we’ve outlined some tasks she can hit the ground running with during the planning process.

Outlining a budget
Chatting with your mom about a budget is one of the first things you should do, especially if she’s chipping in on the cost. If she’s coughing up a good amount for your nuptials, she should definitely be involved in deciding on a ballpark number. Decide together what your splurges are and what wedding day expenses you don’t mind cutting back on. If you’re footing most of the bill it still might be nice to run a potential budget by her, as she may be able to provide wise counsel.

Making a guest list
Your mom will be pretty helpful in this area. She’ll be able to give you the low down on which relatives should definitely get invites over extended family members who you may not have the budget or space to invite. She’ll also be able to remind you of friends or family members you may be forgetting on your list (which can easily happen during the excitement of your engagement!).

Searching for a venue
We recommend taking your mom along for the venue hunt (especially if she’s the one paying for it). You can talk through floor plans with her and she may ask questions you hadn’t thought to ask. While the two of you may have different tastes, it’s often helpful to have another opinion. She may be able to picture the layout of the reception in a way you’d never imagine!

Shopping for your wedding dress
Not only will she give input on what she thinks looks great on you, dress shopping with your mom is one of the most special things you’ll get to do together. Sifting through the dozens of options in hopes of finding your dream dress is something she’s probably been looking forward to for many years. Make a whole weekend out of it and think of it as time to bond before you wed. You can also invite her to follow-up fittings if she’s available for those.

Acting as a point of contact
Cousins, aunts, and uncles are bound to bombard you with questions regarding dress code, registry, and travel arrangements. Instead of handling this yourself, pass the duty on to your mom. She can be in charge of relaying all details and information to other family members. Chances are she will gladly be the keeper of important wedding info.

Helping with the seating chart
Getting assistance from your mom will make this tricky task way less daunting (introduce her to an online seating chart tool to make the process even easier!). She’ll know the ins and outs of who should and shouldn’t be seated next to whom. If Uncle Greg and Uncle Steve tend to get into heated political debates at the dinner table, she might recommend putting them at different tables. Let mom worry about the family dynamic so you can take care of seating your friends.

Dealing with day-of details
Logistics, like figuring out what time the vendors plan to arrive or giving guests last-minute directions, can be things your mom takes control of. From making sure the hair and makeup artist finds your hotel room to placing the bouquets in vases of water, there will be lots of little things you won’t want to be bothered with (and may forget about). That’s where mom can step in and be your unsung hero.

Getting you into your wedding dress
Chances are you’ll need help stepping into your gown and fastening it tightly. This moment will truly bring everything full circle for her. From changing your diapers to helping you into your white gown, don’t be surprised if she sheds a few tears. She can also help you with your shoes and other accessories to make sure you’re picture perfect for your walk down the aisle.