pink peony centerpiece in votive vase

Photo: Morgan Marie Photography

Centerpiece containers come in all different shapes, heights, and styles—from charming bud vases to towering flutes.

Here’s an in-depth look at 13 popular vessel types to help you determine which style best suits your wedding tabletop vision.

tulip and hydrangea centerpiece with compote vase

Photo: Palm Beach Photography, Inc.

A goblet or chalice-shaped vase with a short pedestal.

tall garden rose and hydrangea centerpiece

Photo: Tracy Autem & Lightly Photography

Trumpet or Fluted Vase
A tall vase that gets wider at the top.

bell jar centerpiece

Photo: Joleen Willis Photography

Bell Jar
A glass dome that is placed over an arrangement like a case.

playful rose and hydrangea centerpiece

Photo: Stephanie Hunter Photography

Rose Bowl
A spherical vase, shaped like a fish bowl.

pink peony centerpiece in votive vase

Photo: Morgan Marie Photography

A small cup, often made from mercury glass or tin, that can be used to hold tea lights or small arrangements.

modern orchid centerpiece

Photo: Thao Vu Photography

Cylinder or Column Vase
A straight, cylindrical vessel that's perfect for a sleek, modern look.

yellow centerpiece with lemons

Photo: Two One Photography

Hurricane Vase
A wide, deep vase used to hold pillar candles, flowers, or decorative fillers like stones, sand, or fruit.

coral and blue centerpiece with ginger jar

Photo: Iliasis Muniz Photography

Ginger Jar
A porcelain urn, traditionally painted with a blue and white floral pattern or pastoral scene.

DIY wildflower centerpiece in metal pail

Photo: By Millie B Photography

A small bucket, typically made from tin. A popular choice for rustic or eco-friendly style weddings.

rustic chic centerpiece with roses and greenery

Photo: Stephanie Brazzle Photography

A long, rectangular container of short to medium height.

succulent centerpieces with terra cotta pots

Photo: Oldani Photography

A ceramic container inside which flowers are planted in soil rather than arranged in water.

boho greenery centerpiece in wooden vessel

Photo: Suzy Goodrick Photography

Cube Vase
A small square vase typically used for modern floral arrangements.

bud vase centerpiece

Photo: Whitney Turner Photography

Bud Vase
A small vase that holds one or two long-stemmed flowers. These are usually clustered in groups for a whimsical effect.