wedding cake table

Photo: Erica Akroyd Photography

Searching for a cake baker in your area?

Get the answers to these 10 questions before you book.

Do you schedule taste testing sessions?

This is a good opportunity to sit down one-on-one with a cake baker to discuss details (i.e. your wedding date, location, and time) as well as taste test all the flavors, frostings, and fillings.

Do you have a taste testing fee?

Another big point to address is your budget. How much are you willing to spend to satisfy your sweet tooth? Often times, a cake baker will charge a small deposit for a tasting, but it should get applied to your contract.

How would you describe your cake design style?

A cake baker might describe their design style the same way you’d describe your wedding theme. If they produce a lot of their products for formal weddings in ballrooms, they might not suggest using buttercream, or if they produce a lot of their products for informal weddings on farms, they might no suggest using fondant. Not sure still? Take our quiz >>

Do you offer vegan-, gluten -or dairy-free flavors?

You should not only give a cake baker your guest count to help calculate how many tiers should be baked from scratch, but also let them know if anyone has any allergies or dietary restrictions. They might be able to accommodate with a substitute slice.

Do you offer other types of desserts?

Dessert displays are all the rage right now at receptions. Who could resist taking a to-go box home filled with cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and other tasty treats?

Do you coordinate with venues?

A cake baker will have to coordinate with a venue to finalize a few logistics. What time can they transport the wedding cake? Where can they safely store the wedding cake?

Do you have a delivery fee?

Similar to a taste testing fee, a cake baker will require a deposit for a delivery, but it should get applied to your contract too.

Do you coordinate with florists?

A cake baker will have to coordinate with a florist, especially if you want your wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers rather than sugar flowers. Make sure to have your cake baker ask the florist if they’re pesticide-free because those chemicals can do a number on guests’ stomachs.

Do you provide any rentals?

Your wedding cake can’t just sit without a stand! It’s important that you mention what you’ll need to make it stand out in a wow-worthy way. Do you need a table, linens, plates, platters, trays, or serving set?

Do you provide a FREE one-year anniversary cake?

In lieu of saving the top of your wedding cake in your freezer, a cake baker might ask that you call one week prior to your one-year anniversary for a free mini wedding cake to cut in honor of the celebration.