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Car ideas

Spike, on December 1, 2011 at 11:37 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 10
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So as some of you may know...i'm having a 1950's themed wedding

I need car ideas...like a car from the 50's, but how would i get one?


  • Sarah
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    Sarah ·

    I dont know anything about finding cars for a wedding.

    But, please dont take this the wrong way, with a posting earlier about your $3000 budget, I wouldn't worry about something like this, IMHO.

    We had a $5k budget and drove ourselves from ceremony to reception in my car. Then since we drank, my mom had us ride home with her co-worker. LMAO. Yes, my mom is that paranoid about drinking. Mind you, we had hardly anything to drink because the servers would throw away drinks set down.

  • Sara
    Dedicated October 2013
    Sara ·

    If you have car shows in your area, I would attend them. You might be able to find a car there that you like and ask the owner to drive you. Or you could talk to the owners about what you're wanting and they might know of some resources to help you.

  • Krista
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    Krista ·

    No idea where to find a fun classic car. I guess just ask around and see if someone you know has a nice one you could borrow for pics. I am planning on getting my MINI Cooper in my pics. My car is my baby and has to be in the pics.

    Oh wow just realized she is exactly 7 years old today. Popped out of the factory on December 1st 7 years ago. I know i am a dork. But it took me nine months to get her, she is like my baby.

  • Len Woelfel
    October 2019
    Len Woelfel ·

    An actual car? It's not that hard. Contact vintage car clubs. There's 1000's of them. Mostly, they'll be American since the importing of cars from Europe and Japan didn't really take off until the mid-1960's. And try brands that are no longer in business, like Studebaker, Packard, etc. The difficulty is that you probably won't be able to rent it to ride in because the driver doesn't have a commercial driving license. Or ask your wedding planner. They may have some resources.

    You might try this link: http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/clubdirectory

  • Honey B.
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    Honey B. ·

    I would contact any car clubs in your area to see if anyone has a vintage 1950s car.

  • P
    Expert October 2011
    Private User ·

    We used a friend's car :-)

  • Tia & Don
    Expert April 2012
    Tia & Don ·

    LOVE your theme!!! Both me and my FH feel like we should have been born in the 50's 60's straight off the set of Mad Men We're a little nuts. I bet you could easily find a proud owner to flaunt his car off, for sure, just like the others said try car clubs in your area. In our city (halifax Nova Scotia Canada) every Sunday they all gather at the

    A & W and another local 50's style joint the Chicken Burger .. find a place like that in your town and show up with a smile telling them how sweet their ride is. You'll win them over in no time. And then you get to pick the best one in the crowd lol.

  • Spike
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    Spike ·

    Lol my FH would be loving these comments lol he loves a good excuse to go to a car show...car work and cars in general is his passion

  • Karen
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    Karen ·

    CAR SHOWS! Who wouldn't be flattered that you like their masterpiece car restoration enough for you to inquire about using it for your wedding???

  • The Polka Dot Queen ©
    Master July 2012
    The Polka Dot Queen © ·

    I would keep my ear to the ground and put feelers out there. A 50s car would be FAB, but it might not work very well in your budget. Find out if a friend of a friend has a 50s car before falling in love with something you can't afford

    I really wanted to rent a camaero to surprise FH because he loves them, but realized it wasn't in the budget, and then lo and behold, my BM's dad went and bought a camaero and said we could borrow it! Shhh don't tell FH, as far as he knows we are taking his car...

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