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Beverage Bar DIY

Amy, on June 29, 2011 at 10:31 AM Posted in Planning 0 6
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Our reception is going to be a self serve bar as well as a DIY. We are going to have margaritas, beer, and wine. For the margaritas they will be drinking it out of mason jars. What is a cute way to serve the margaritas? I was thinking about a dispenser but is there any other cute ways? Also, can anyone tell me another cute and unique way to serve the beer? I have seen pictures of people using a tub, canoe, or wagon. I love the tub idea (like the one below). Anyone know where to find one at? Also, has anyone found any really cheap mason jars online or at a store somewhere?

How are you doing your beverage bar? Sorry for all the questions, just need some ideas and opinions. Smiley smile Thanks!!


  • Shannon S.
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    The tub isn't quite "special" enough IMHO. Maybe try cheerfully colored buckets, like these options from Target:

    If you divide the beverages among different buckets, and scatter them around, the lines at the bars won't be so bad.

    One caveat - you may need an ABC license to have a DIY bar. Alternatively, you can hire a bartender. This decreases your liability if someone drinks or drives, and the bartender can make sure no one is overserved.

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  • mrs mom
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    You could put the margaritas in something like this, they have them at costco and sams club.

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  • Betsy
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    We are using glass drink dispensers to dispense homade sweet tea, lemonade and sangria. (I got the dispensers at Christmas Tree Shops for 12.99 but they are the same ones that are sold at Bed Bath and Beyond for 40.00) To hold the beer we are using HUGE tin buckets we got at home depot. They have a rustic feel but also hold ALOT of beer. Ours is mostly DIY too, we plan on having a friend of the family (not invited to the wedding) man the bar for cocktail hour and dinner hour... but for the most part people can serve themselves. We will have wine bottles at each table as well.
    We bought our mason jars at Christmas Tree Shops, can't remember how much they were, but fairly cheap. Also my mom went to a lot of flea markets and barn sales to get the real old unique mason jars.

    Hope that helps! Smiley smile

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  • Pumpkin's Sunshine
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    If you have anyone underage going to your wedding I would strongly suggest you check the laws in your state. I know in MN the host will be legally liable if an underage person consumes alcohol.

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  • C
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    Carissa ·
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    I love the bathtub idea! Smiley smile

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