Happily married 🎉

February 13, 2021

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78 days ago

Break the Ice

We were hoping to hear what you had to say! You've broken the ice by sharing your thoughts in your very first discussion. We can't wait to see where the conversation goes.

Lynnie commented:

358 days ago

Any Feb 2021 weddings out there? How are you all handling the stress?? Come share your wedding plans and concerns with other February couples in this discussion:

Lynnie commented:

637 days ago

Nails, hair, heels, check! 💄 Come share your bridal beauty plans from head to toe:

Lynnie commented:

656 days ago

Are you changing your name or ditching the outdated tradition?? Come talk traditions with us in these community discussions:

Lynnie commented:

677 days ago

What time of day are you getting married? ⏰ Come share your ceremony start time (and how you decided on it!) in this community discussion:

Lynnie commented:

708 days ago

What month are you getting married? Come share your wedding date and find your month twins in this community discussion:

Lynnie commented:

726 days ago

What's your wedding hashtag? Come share your future last name and hashtag in this community conversation:

Lynnie commented:

757 days ago

Are you wearing a wedding veil? Yea or nay?? Come share your decision in this veil discussion:

Clíodhna commented:

796 days ago

Will your bridesmaids wear matching dresses, or are you mixing it up?? Come dish on their dresses in this community discussion:

Clíodhna commented:

831 days ago

How long have you known your fiancé(e)?? ❤️ Come share your relationship timeline in this community conversation:

Sinéad commented:

862 days ago

Calling all April 2020 brides! What's your wedding date and what are you working on right now? Come talk wedding planning in this community discussion just for April 2020 brides:

Lynnie commented:

909 days ago

Time to spill about your relationship! 🙊 Come tell us who each question describes best - you or your fiancé(e)?

Clíodhna commented:

944 days ago

Nevada couples - where are you tying the knot? Come share your wedding venue recommendations with local couples in this community conversation:

Lynnie commented:

992 days ago

2020 Brides - come show off your bling!! 💍 Share a ring pic in this community discussion:

Lynnie commented:

1027 days ago

Are you planning a 2020 wedding? Don't plan alone! Come meet other 2020 brides and share your planning progress with each other:

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