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LVL Weddings & Events is a luxury wedding planner based in Scottsdale, Arizona that also serves California, Denver, Hawaii and Mexico. Rather than producing cookie-cutter weddings, this group of professional wedding planners focuses on executing unique and breathtakingly beautiful weddings and events. LVL Weddings & Events prides itself on being professional, calm, loving and hands-on with all their wedding clients.

Lindsay Val Longacre founded LVL Weddings & Events in 2007. The wedding firm has grown to include a team of 20 professional coordinators and planners and locations in Denver, Phoenix, Napa and Hawaii. LVL Weddings & Events has been featured on blogs and in publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Your Wedding Day and the Huffington Post.

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LVL Weddings & Events offers flexible wedding planning services depending on your unique needs and where you’re at in your wedding planning process. Wedding services include full service and destination wedding planning and design. They can also help coordinate engagement parties, anniversaries, vow renewals, engagements and bridal showers, in addition to corporate and non-profit events.


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Regions serviced: Orange County, Honolulu, Inland Empire, Phoenix + 1 Additional Regions

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First, if you are thinking, "do we need a planner?" or "I'm not sure it's worth the money." The answer is YES you do; YES it is! We were not sure if it was in our budget to get a planner, but because my husband and I were clueless on what it takes to plan a wedding and every book/website/blog was beyond overwhelming we made the space in our budget which I am beyond grateful for.

We used LVL for our month of/day of planner. With so many moving parts to actually make the wedding day happen, I have no idea what we would have done without Amy and LVL. I truly cannot put into words how amazing Amy is (not to mention her meme skills!); and how much we truly appreciated her professionalism, work ethic and humor! It was really important to me that I was relaxed and enjoying the day for not only myself, but my husband and our guests (sometimes I'm not the best at hiding my level of stress). I did not want to be stressed about any of the big or little details of our wedding day.

If things went wrong at any point in the planning or executing process, I had no idea! Amy handled it all, and kept me laughing and sane the entire time. She was always there to answers any questions I had and she knew when to step in and offer to help when she saw/got the sense I was getting overwhelmed. Amy also has a ton of connections and ways to save money that helped us in the long run. Most importantly, she is just a wonderful human being with a great sense of humor, which you will need. She was a true professional and I would recommend her to anyone I know!

Photo of LVL Weddings & Events in Costa Mesa, CA - Amy and her crew flipped our space in Liberty Station
Photo of LVL Weddings & Events in Costa Mesa, CA
Profile Picture Kate, 7/7/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have gotten the chance to work with Ashley Brand at LVL. Ashley made planning a destination wedding in Healdsburg from New York feel easy- she kept me organized in the most calming of ways, and simplified the entire process in a way that made it fun and not at all stressful. We had a vision for a unique wedding, with an out-of-the-box concept, and Ashley helped us execute it in a way beyond what we could have ever imagined. Our wedding was perfect-- relaxing, beautiful, fun-- and we could not have asked for more from a planner.

Profile Picture Valerie, 6/30/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

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Sunstone Vineyards - Summer & Bryan

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Rancho Las Lomas - Carly & Ely

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Everyone on the team at LVL does an amazing job paying attention to detail, keeping things running smoothly, and helping the bride be able to enjoy her day without stress. They think of everything so you don't have to!

Lindsay and her team are amazing! You'll be so glad you booked LVL. The best!

I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay when I was performing at Seasons 52 in South Coast Plaza. I have worked in some expos with her, and she has a great positive energy and flawless execution of her wedding planning. Heather is also wonderful - they are a power team! They have loads of experience and will be sure to make your wedding everything you could dream of!

LVL is one of the best in OC. We always love working with them at weddings. Top notch planners, highly recommend!

As a vendor we have nothing but good things to say about Lindsey. We find her to be extremely professional and personnable and able to connect the dots and bring everything together on the big day. We always appreciate her reaching out to us and co-ordinating with us on the cake delivery etc.



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2915 Red Hill Ave Ste C104, Costa Mesa, CA 92626   See On Map