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About Ken Thomas Wedding Photography

A professional wedding photographer in Concord, North Carolina, Ken Thomas Wedding Photography provides newly engaged couples with quality and professional wedding photography. Specializing in contemporary, photojournalistic and traditional photography styles, the company has been capturing memories since 2005. Ken Thomas Wedding Photography is committed to making your day one you will remember forever!

Services Offered
Ken Thomas Wedding Photography offers couples the option of choosing from four wedding packages: the Silver Wedding Package, the Gold Wedding Package, the Platinum Wedding Package and the Platinum Premium Wedding Package. Services include the following:

  • Consultation
  • Liability insurance
  • Second shooter
  • Additional hours
  • High-res images
  • Custom graphics
  • Photo editing

Other Services
In addition to the aforementioned services, Ken Thomas Wedding Photography offers an array of wedding-related products and photo shoots. Options include the following:

  • Wedding albums
  • Wedding canvases
  • Engagement shoots
  • Trash the dress shoots
  • Boudoir shoots
  • Save the dates
  • Digital files
  • Flush mounts
  • Matte prints
  • Proofs

Areas Covered
Ken Thomas Wedding Photography provides wedding photography services to couples located in Concord, North Carolina. In addition to the local area, services are extended to those throughout Charlotte, Raleigh and Asheville, North Carolina.

Categories: Wedding Photographer

Regions serviced: Charlotte

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Ken Thomas is the most professional and down to earth person I have ever worked with. My fiancé and I had our engagement shoot recently and he truly captured the adoration that we have for one another. Between letting us preview the photographs to making sure we were comfortable, Ken went the extra mile to make sure we were happy. And even though it was a chilly afternoon, Ken kept a high spirited smile and attitude the entire time. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him for all of our future wedding and family shoots!

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Profile Picture Jessica, 10/13/18, 1 Review
Category: Photography

We worked with Ken for our engagement photos last fall and he photographed our wedding this April. Ken is professional, friendly, and responsive to clients' questions and requests. He takes the time to meet with each of his clients and go through the wedding day for the photo schedule and discuss specific requests. We are pleased with the quality of our photos and happy to have worked with him. His pricing was also reasonable compared to what other photographers charge in the area. We'd recommend Ken Thomas to couples in the Charlotte region.

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Profile Picture Ashley, 4/14/18, 3 Reviews
Category: Photography
Services Used: Engagement Shoot, High-Res Images, Second Shooter, Digital Files

Ken Thomas Wedding Photography Pricing

Wedding Photography Pricing
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Starting Price Includes:
1 Event Per Day
Add'l Hours
Digital Files
Engagement Shoot
Multi. Locations
Save The Date
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Ken Thomas Wedding Photography FAQ

Additional Hours
Boudoir Shoot
Custom Graphics
Engagement Shoot
High-Res Images
Liability Insurance
Multi. Locations
One Event/Day
Second Shooter
Trash The Dress
Destination / Travel
Wedding Portraits
Digital Files
Flush Mount
Matted Prints
Save the Date
Thank You Cards

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Wedding Day

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220x220 sq 1465219734661 0083kenthomasphotography


Ken Thomas Wedding Photography
1:24 minutes

Professional Network & Endorsements

I have had the pleasure of working with Ken Thomas. He is very professional, on time and his work is amazing. I highly recommend Ken for photography

Ken Thomas is a top notch Photographer with an eye for detail and working with your vision. Check with him for professional services including engagement and anniversary pictures. I recommend him highly!

We have worked many weddings together with Ken, and he is amazing! Very professional, great personality, and just all around great person! You can't go wrong by choosing Ken Thomas as your Wedding Photographer!

Looking for ONE OF THE BEST? We've worked together with Ken Thomas as both DJs and Videographers and we've found that not only is he a great guy, but his product is simply outstanding! We recommend Ken Thomas Photography for any of your photo needs!


34 A Union St. South, Concord, NC 28025   See On Map
704-467-4343 (phone)
Monday - Saturday 9 AM till 8 PM
Ken Thomas Wedding Photography is a wedding Photographer from Concord N.C. servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Charlottle, Raleigh, and Asheville. Ken Thomas Wedding Photography is a professional Photographer that has been part of the North Carolina wedding industry since 2005 specializing in wedding photography.