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Butterfly Bakeshop is a wedding cake company based in Long Island City, New York. Chef, owner and cake artist Orlando León has decades of culinary experience. The company was inspired when his daughter requested a butterfly cake for her sixth birthday. Since then, Orlando creates one-of-a-kind wedding cakes that capture the magic of your wedding. With his imaginative talent for designing, culinary expertise and attention to detail, he will build the cake you have always dreamed of.

Services Offered
From whimsical to sophisticated, Butterfly Bakeshop will make what you imagine a reality. Whether you’re envisioning cascading flowers or a golden snitch as the finishing touches of your masterpiece, they’ve executed countless works of art. The company can also provide a groom’s cake or cupcakes for your wedding. Other services available include the following:

  • Consultations
  • Custom design
  • Delivery
  • Private tastings
  • Setup

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Regions serviced: New York City

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We absolutely loved our wedding cake! Our guests loved it too. Not only did it look spectacular (entire cake was covered in sprinkles!) it was super tasty too. At one stage, I got so confused why the dance floor cleared out - it turns out everyone was lining up to get a taste of the cake. Super strange, considering people tend to not eat dessert that much for weddings.

Thanks again for making the experience seamless. Cake arrived on time at the venue, and the team did a great job communicating with the venue and our wedding coordinator to sort out logistics.

Totally recommend them and we're even considering ordering a small cake on our one year anniversary as it was that tasty :)

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Profile Picture Carlin, 8/11/18, 7 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake
Services Used: Cakes, Delivery

Butterfly Bakeshop was AMAZING! They went above and beyond when creating our incredible wedding cake. My husband and I were thrilled we could do an at-home tasting (so much better than someone staring at you to see if you like their cake!). We selected a cake with alternating tiers of funfetti cake with raspberry jam and vanilla cake with vanilla bean frosting. In addition to the cake, we had a sheet cake for distributing to more guests. Our guests loved that we went for the classic (yet gourmet!) funfetti and a simple vanilla - something for everyone to love. Guests raved about how great the cake was and some even contacted us after to see if they could have the leftovers! Butterfly Bakeshop was excellent at communicating leading up the wedding, were very familiar with our reception venue, and worked with our florist to coordinate flower placement on the cake. They also provided extra boxes for leftover cake and provided an anniversary cake. I'll be honest - my husband and I ate it right away because it was that good! We'll definitely be coming back for more on our first anniversary. Thank you, Butterfly Bakeshop, for your beautiful and delicious creation!!!

Photo of Butterfly Bakeshop in Long Island City, NY
Profile Picture Meg, 7/14/18, 16 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake
Services Used: Consultations, Custom Design, Delivery, Setup, Private Tastings, Cakes

Butterfly Bakeshop Pricing

Wedding Cakes Pricing
Buttercream Frosting (Per Slice, Without Tax)
Starting from $6.00
Fondant Starting Price (Per Slice, Without Tax)
Starting from $6.00
Cupcakes (Each, Without Tax)
Starting from $3.00
Prices Include:
Custom Cake Design

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169 Photos

Butterfly Bakeshop Wedding Cakes

87 Photos
220x220 sq 1443811432022 white orchids wedding cake
220x220 sq 1459533905859 cascading custom flowers wedding cake
220x220 sq 1478201335690 cascading curved flowers cake
220x220 sq 1478201233240 ranunculus bouquet wedding cake
220x220 sq 1479492170537 vertical stripes peony cake
220x220 sq 1466013137487 2016 01 11 13.31.38
220x220 sq 1459533613863 fondant ombre ruffles wedding cake thumb
220x220 sq 1466009891586 peony wedding cake
220x220 sq 1466009966536 quilting with green ivy leaves wedidng cake
220x220 sq 1440614071213 lace wrapped floral cascade wedding cake
220x220 sq 1512081122493 blue marbled cake
220x220 sq 1478200215294 elegant flowers swiss dot cake
220x220 sq 1443811374195 quilted with red peonies wedding cake
220x220 sq 1440614916086 blusk pink roses with piped dots wedding cake
220x220 sq 1478200044116 floral white on white wedding cake
220x220 sq 1443811412427 white roses weddding cake
220x220 sq 1420744369005 black  white brocade wedding cake
220x220 sq 1459533975155 fondant green ombre horizontal old fashioned weddi
220x220 sq 1466010632510 2016 02 02 20.24.34
220x220 sq 1466009440042 elegant quilting with dragees  roses wedding cake
220x220 sq 1478200128564 rose gold tier with orchids wedding
220x220 sq 1466009807719 bouquet wedding cake
220x220 sq 1479491967446 quilting gold thin band roses wedding cake
220x220 sq 1478200711448 gold filigree with peonies cake
220x220 sq 1479491605730 silver leaf tier with giant peony cake
220x220 sq 1433364985733 pink  purple peony  butterfly cake
220x220 sq 1466010145387 pink cascading roses  magnolia wedding cake
220x220 sq 1466009550694 5 tier trio of roses  swiss dots wedding cake
220x220 sq 1478200805010 wood you mary me with acorn cake
220x220 sq 1478200617614 moon with skyline wedding cake small
220x220 sq 1433364560032 stained glass wedding cake
220x220 sq 1459534059749 5 tier flower cascade wedding cake
220x220 sq 1459533729590 burlap ribbon with side bows wedding cake
220x220 sq 1436217882615 fondant rosettes wedding cake
220x220 sq 1440614123238 gold dotted wedding cake
220x220 sq 1466010410955 giant peony with fondant ruffle tier wedding cake
220x220 sq 1433364549491 art deco black  white wedding cake
220x220 sq 1433364552882 silver  pearl
220x220 sq 1440614135698 gold edged ruffles with peony wedding cake
220x220 sq 1393377618760 img335
220x220 sq 1466009647722 2015 10 07 10.22.44 copy
220x220 sq 1447793299518 crystal  pearl cake
220x220 sq 1433365319721 plum blossom tree cake
220x220 sq 1466010055321 quilting with dragees and holly leaves wedding cak
220x220 sq 1459533830504 gold  green double band with magnolia wedding cake
220x220 sq 1440614266789 glam riboon wedding cake
220x220 sq 1433365150818 love is wedding cake
220x220 sq 1420744392296 purple ombre wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449512019924 the kiss
220x220 sq 1420744399542 wedding bands with black bow trim wedding cake
220x220 sq 1420744404188 yellow whimsical embossed flowers wedding cake
220x220 sq 1420744824651 gold tipped blue magnolias wedding cake
220x220 sq 1420744396056 rainbow sprinkles with bow wedding cake
220x220 sq 1420744388971 paisley lace wedding cake
220x220 sq 1420744376656 blue thin band with anemone wedding cake
220x220 sq 1433365193961 colorful trio of roses wedding cake
220x220 sq 1433365163385 yellow trio of calla lilies wedding cake
220x220 sq 1420744379632 fanciful flowers wedding cake
220x220 sq 1433365154565 trio of roses with thin band wedding cake
220x220 sq 1433365212996 feather wedding cake
220x220 sq 1354812457032 floralweddingcake3
220x220 sq 1349293982389 multiflowerweddingcake1
220x220 sq 1317733084181 damaskcake
220x220 sq 1420744749345 basket weave with orchids wedding cake
220x220 sq 1459533853714 whimsical embossed flowers dragees  glam ribbon we
220x220 sq 1447793331985 20151027175345
220x220 sq 1420745406706 studded applique square black  silver wedding cake
220x220 sq 1420745370795 purple rose  silver wedding cake
220x220 sq 1440614861575 eggplant  gold wedding cake
220x220 sq 1420745400694 rose petal cascade  double side bow wedding cake
220x220 sq 1349293786552 whiteonwhitedamask
220x220 sq 1357853071731 peacockwedding
220x220 sq 1393377614132 img333
220x220 sq 1317732611812 5tierwedding
220x220 sq 1357853132469 tiedyeribbonweddingcake
220x220 sq 1354812437729 champangepeonyweddingcake
220x220 sq 1349293939888 purplehandmadeorchidwithblackpearls
220x220 sq 1349293896164 peonycraspediaweddingcake
220x220 sq 1357852990221 5tierscrollweddingcakewithpeonies
220x220 sq 1357853220242 redblackwedding
220x220 sq 1349294005033 orangerosebandcake
220x220 sq 1354812389973 butterfliesalacarte
220x220 sq 1357853182909 yellowcallalilynavybandweddingcake
220x220 sq 1354812550093 vintagebowsweddingcake
220x220 sq 1354812579203 bandwithorchidswedding
220x220 sq 1357853039343 orangewhitescrollcake
220x220 sq 1357853133495 peachsalmonredorchidwedding

Small Wedding Cakes

48 Photos
220x220 sq 1513198845291 gold edged cake with peony
220x220 sq 1449521369853 elegant skyline wedding cake thumb
220x220 sq 1449521051107 20150918100444
220x220 sq 1513198422092 magnolia petite wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520511957 trio of red roses with swiss dots wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449519883918 2tier square wedding cakewith rose bouquet
220x220 sq 1449520493768 swiss dot cake
220x220 sq 1449520116165 pink peony gold ribbon cake
220x220 sq 1449520454499 pink peony wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520499457 rosettes with rose cake
220x220 sq 1449520159298 ruffle  magnolia wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449519890729 bow  pearl wedding
220x220 sq 1513198576281 peonies  metallic silver
220x220 sq 1459534218632 butterfly cascade wedding cake thumb
220x220 sq 1449519970294 damask cake
220x220 sq 1459534469210 silver peony cake
220x220 sq 1449520479194 side bow with orchids wedding cake
220x220 sq 1513198535545 ombre fondant ruffles cake
220x220 sq 1449520376392 roses  peonies cake
220x220 sq 1513198576474 peony anemonines horizontal old fashioned cake
220x220 sq 1449519977050 doves  roses on naked cake
220x220 sq 1449521154303 pink rosettes with rose cake
220x220 sq 1449520460062 rosettes with calla lillies cake
220x220 sq 1459534318581 red peony cluster quilting with dragees cake
220x220 sq 1449519982088 horizontal old fashioned eggplant roses
220x220 sq 1449520125300 rose  black pearls wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520466155 ruffled dragees quilting  bling wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520133173 rose  pearl wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520141947 rose bouquet cake
220x220 sq 1459534366873 tropical orchid 2 tier cake
220x220 sq 1449520150782 ruffle  logo wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520344020 trio of roses 2 tiered wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520167844 ruffle flower wedding cake 2
220x220 sq 1449520297448 single tier wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520305379 turquoise butterflies cake
220x220 sq 1449520312678 wedding cake with roses  pearls
220x220 sq 1449520318269 yellow trio of calla lilies wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520323916 ivory pearls  rosettes wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520349167 trio of roses wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520371007 3d dove with roses annviversary cake
220x220 sq 1449520441338 freesia peonies pansies cascading flowers wedding
220x220 sq 1449520447516 monogram  bow tie wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520472633 shower of blue hydrangeas cake
220x220 sq 1449520505799 trio of roses with smooth rope wedding cake
220x220 sq 1449520537905 shower of purple hydrangeas cake
220x220 sq 1449521680875 ivory rosette wedding cake
220x220 sq 1459534286166 trio of roses  lace wedding cake
220x220 sq 1513198339816 gold roses rosette cake

Professional Network & Endorsements

Butterfly Bakeshop makes it so easy to order cakes! You literally create your own cake, you are in control, you are the designer so that every cake that is made is created by the customer. The cakes are gorgeous, any and everything you could think of can be done, from wedding cakes to baby shower, birthday, the possibilities are simply endless. The customer service is top notch, the ladies at Butterfly are very patient and genuine, you are not forced to purchase anything you do not want. Lastly, the cakes are SO GOOD, you must try them out! Call up for your consultation today, you won't be disappointed!

Butterfly Bakeshop has been providing beautiful and delicious cakes for our couples! We never hesitate to recommend them because the quality and service always goes beyond our client's expectations. Guests are often asking for seconds!

It is a pleasure working with the Butterfly Bake Shop team. They are passionate about creating a cake that fits their clients vision. Most recently, they created a cake for a Sept 13 Bowery Hotel Bride and was elegant yet simple, classy and undoubtedly delicious cake. It is rare the couple will finish the entire piece of cake during the "cake cutting ceremony", but our couple stood around and finished every single crumb. They loved it!

A fantastic bakery with amazing cakes that taste even better than they look. We love the Butterfly Bakeshop!


4709 30th Street, Suite #406, Long Island City, NY 11101   See On Map
212-686-2253 (phone)
Butterfly Bakeshop is a wedding cake from New York servicing weddings throughout the local area, including New York, New Jersey, and the Tristate area. Butterfly Bakeshop is a professional Custom Bakery that has been part of the New York wedding industry since 2010 specializing in Custom Cakes.