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I signed up for Wedding Turtle last Friday so friends could upload their pictures. I was assuming that they had an app for the phones but I looked over the weekend and didn't see one. Is this correct or did I just type in the wrong thing? I'm hoping I typed in the wrong thing LOL I even want the app!!

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No, they do not have a phone app.

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Okay thanks that's a bummer. One more question how will I be able to print them. I'm starting to think that maybe I should not have created this album.. Oh well, I could always not tell my guest about it and that would help a lot. LOL

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I was reading on their FAQ and it sounds like you can download them maybe to a flash drive and then take that to be printed, or you can order prints through them online of your photos :)

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We used Wedding Turtle for our guest photos. The reason we went with them is that our guests didn't have to create an account, and we would be able to download the full res files (as opposed to compressed files from facebook or other sites). We saved them in a folder on my external hard drive, and when it was time to print them, I actually copied them to my spare SD card so that I could just pop that into the kiosk at my local meijer (supermarket chain in the midwest).

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okay so I guess it won't be too bad of a thing LOL You ladies are great and helped a lot.

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Try Wedding Planner. Great App but can only be used on Apple devices.

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Thanks MekMek

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I contacted them. They said they are working on an app but do not know when it will be up and running.

They have their own printing service OR you can download the photos and print them wherever you want.
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Lets pray they have it up and running by your wedding time and mine.
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