Wedding day coordinator?
I was just thinking about a wedding planner, but I know they are completely out of my price range, however we do need someone to keep the time line of the reception going. We are not going to have a dj, our reception will be in the morning from 9:30 to about 11am-12pm, so I am wondering is there such a thing as a Wedding day coordinator? I would just need someone to make sure the vendors are on time, everything is in order during the big day? Has anyone had this type of coordinator? If so what kind of price range would I be looking at?

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We hired a 'day of' coordinator and it cost us $300. They oversee everything including set up and decorations and it's one thing I don't have to worry about. Totally worth it to me.

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I think I'm going to need one too. Our venue (that I think we're getting) is almost completely do it yourself. They will have parking attendants, etc... but I need someone to make sure everything's real purdy

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Yes me to, my florist/decorator is going to be my Day of coordinator. We are paying 200$. I don't think you should pay more that 300$ for that since all of your stuff are already done. You just need the person to be there and make sure thing run smoothly without having to worry about it on ur day.
My florist is going to check everything, anyway she is the one decorating. But she will also put place cards, menu cards, ... and check that the hall has set my tables how I wanted it.

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just make sure they do their job -- a freind of mine hired one for her wedding and they could never find her when they needed her the bride had a major melt down over it.

Nicole K.

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Most coordinators offer a day of wedding package but the work actually starts during the month of the wedding. I have that package but I also created a DIY package for just set up on the day of the wedding. The price for that is lower because the work is only on the day of not the month before as well.
@Paula Marie, that is too bad about your friend. Myself and other coordinators I know have the goal of helping the bride not have a major meltdown. That is what we are here for.
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Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!

Like Nicole said, if you are looking for a day of coordinator they usually start helping during the month of as well. However some coordinators will customize to what your needs are. If you need help on your big day or have questions, please feel free to email me.

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Hi There first of all Congrats on your day!!!! I am a wedding coordinator and right now I am runing a promotion for WW Brides who will get $125 off :) it is very impt to have a coordinator that day to make sure your day runs smoothly!. I can tell you right now I charge under $450. Please check out my profile and feel free to contact me !!

Thanks and best of luck!

Leanne K.

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I am a wedding planner in NJ, don't assume you can't afford one until you at least ask them what they charge! You may be surprised!!

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Congratulations on your wedding! I am a professional day-of coordinator and can adjust my fee if you would only need me for your reception (usually I also help coordinate the rehearsal and ceremony).

Here is a list of the services I offer as well as my fee (which I can adjust like I said). Feel free to contact me:


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I am a wedding coordinator in NJ. I provide day-of wedding coordination, as well as full and partial coordination. Day of coordination is the most cost effective way to avoid the stress that comes with planning a wedding. As mentioned above, day of coordination usually begins about a month prior to the wedding, however, I do have many brides that have questions and need advice prior to the one month mark. The best
way to see if a coordinator is right for you and your budget is to reach out and let them know what you are looking for. I'm sure in the long run you will be happy that you did!

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I'm getting married in just over 2 months (May 18!!) and am looking into a day-of-coordinator and I'm starting to hyperventilate at the prices I'm getting quoted. I just need someone that's going to make sure the day stays punctual. We're getting married in center city Philadelphia and our reception is in media, pa. I'm getting quotes from $1200-$3000. I don't mind paying a couple hundred bucks but in no way am I dropping these prices. HELP!
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