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Tell me your favorite waterproof mascara. I usually don't use it because all the ones I've tried don't seem to look as full and dramatic as regular mascaras. But of course, for the wedding I NEED waterproof (or more precisely tear-proof) But with a virtual sea of waterproof mascara options out there and contrasting reviews on all of them it's impossible to know which ones would work best. I'd like to hear which ones worked best for you. Or if any of you makeup artists would like to share some secrets we'd all appreciate it. I love a dramatic smoky eye but don't want to deal with smudges when I tear up. Help!

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I LOVE Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof mascara. It's makes my eyelashes really pretty, and it even stays on when I swim.
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Hi Laura,

I highly recommend that you wear strip lashes for your wedding day. Not only do they add drama but they look beautiful in pictures. If you do lashes, then you won't need mascara on them other than a little bit to blend them with your real lashes. You can do a bit of waterproof mascara on the lower lashes but stay away from waterproof mascara on the fake ones. The waterproof mascara contains special oils which can ruin them.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!!

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i love XXL, i think it's maybeline? but just incase here's tip to help with running mascara, keep a few q-tips in a baggie with make up remover on them already so that way if it runs you have something to take it off your face. and it's pretty precise too

InStyle Event Company

InStyle Event Company
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I say just go with fakies they really are your best bet and they have so many different types to make sure you get that bridal look. and they look great in pics. a rule of thumb some do not know if you stand four feet away from the mirror after you apply your make up that is exactly how people see you and in pics it's even less than that. your lashes really are the thing to make your eyes stand out.
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I've used Loreal Hydrofuge Voluminous for years. I have tried others but, always go back to that one.
I think for the most dramatic look you should try the fakes. Probably easier to get

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I use, and will be using for the wedding day, Mary Kay waterproof mascara. That is partially becuase my sister is a Mary Kay rep and is doing all of our makeup for the wedding, and also because I used it for my grandmothers funeral and it didn't streak or smear or wear off AT ALL. I acctually still had it on a couple of days later. (I'm not very good at remembering to wash it off with makeup remover)

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I use Loreal Double Extended Mascara. It's White and Red and it makes my eyelashes look amazing...as I like to call it Porn Star Lashes... LOL Without the tackiness. The best part about the mascara is that it only comes off when you wash your face with warm water. I wear contacts and my eyes tend to water a lot and my mascara never streaks or rubs off. The only time that I notice that it starts to come off is when I wash my face at night. Then you will see little black flecks because the mascara adds little extensions to your eyelashes. Here is a link to the website:
http://www.lorealparisusa.com/_us/_en/default.aspx#page=top{nav|media:_blank|overlay:productdetail//objectid Cos10c_1//|diagnostic|main:brandpage:doubleextendbt|userdata//d d//}
I hope that helps! :)

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I just read what I wrote, the tube is Red and White, not the mascara! LOL
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I LOVE to use SplashProof Lash by MAC...another great mascara by MAC is Plush Lash used over the top of their Prep Prime Lash primer, works fab!! You won't have to worry about smudges if you go with SplashProof Lash - it's waterproof, and looks great with a smoky eye...esp. if you use the paint pots - (color Painterly works on every skin tone) on your eyelid's, underneath to set your shadow.

Joey's Baby
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Exceptionnel de Chanel by Chanel, it's the best I've come across.


It's Chanel so it's not cheap but it's worth it in my opinion, especially for your big day. It's naturally waterproof and does wonders for tired lashes. Try eBay for better prices.

By the way Laura, you're getting SO close! Are you just TOO excited?

Joey's Baby
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Oh, the best shade is Smokey Noir.

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I am excited but surprisingly laid back! I was more stressed and freaked out 4 months ago than I am not at 2 weeks away! I was breaking in my shoes today and practicing our first dance with my FH. It's just all good! I'll be sure to post pics and update everyone when I get back from the honeymoon. Oh and you have the same B-day as my best friend! I turned 30 this year too.

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YAY 30!...lol...I used to be afraid of the big 3-0 until I met my FH. Because of him my 30's will be so much better then my 20's.

Congrats again girl, I can't wait to see your fabu pics.

The iLash Lounge of Southern Maryland

The iLash Lounge - Certified Xtreme Lashes Stylist
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I would say that Lancome has a great mascara but for your wedding day have you ever thought about Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions. I recommend this service to my clients. With Eyelash Extensions you still get the length and thickness without the need for mascara. Its also water resistant so you can swim or shower worry free. Also with the Semi-Permanent Eyelashes you still have that natural feel and look. If you need more information I will be glad to provide more to whom ever needs its. Oh last but not least I'm glad I decided to go with the eyelash extensions on my wedding day, it was the best decision ever.


Seams Couture
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www.makeupdni.com has a product called Indelible Waterproof Mascara that won't come off for days. It's amazing stuff!

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Benefit's "She-Laque" it hold ALL make-up in place and has different applicators for different make ups....I SWEAR BY IT....awesome for eyeliner too!!!!
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You may want to just go wtih false lashes, but if you are not comfortable with them, a waterproof mascara i use on brides is L'Oreal Double Extend (in waterproof version)

Hope that helps

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I was going to say what Ayari said, which is just to do the fake lashes thing. Or you could talk to a makeup artist, and get their perspective.l
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