Disscusion. How does any plan a wedding for a few thousand??!
I'm not bashing anyone, I'm applauding you. I don't know how some brides do it, they set a budget of just a few thousand. Like 2-5 thousand. That to me its just unrealistic, I would be stressing out every single day about it. To me $25,000 is the cost of an average wedding. How some brides do it i have no clue?! We saved like crazy to get that much and make our day amazing and perfect like we wanted. Some of the things i see brides DIY are just amazing and wish i thought of it too.

Please, Don't comment with negativity, I'm just voicing my opinion and thoughts.

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I know it can be done for 5 thousand because a friend of mine got married 2 years ago this july and her whole wedding was right at 5thoussand. lol Mine on the other hand..will not be..:) Good luck hun!

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Some women are just super stars =). I am not that woman. The weddings I've seen that are budget and beautiful took soo much patience and planning and I applaud anyone that attempts it.

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I know right ladies! It's mind blowing but for like 160 people that low of a budget is just out the window! Haha

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Our budget is around $3k - $4k... I set that budget after doing a little research in my area and finding out how expensive everything was; the venue, the catering, etc. I didnt want to spend a fortune on one night, I'd rather invest in the marriage, which will last a lifetime. We are doing a lot of DIY, doing our own food, and having the reception at home. My FMIL offered to do the flowers and the cake. The only large expenses we will (hopefully) have will be attire, table/chair rentals, photography, and possibly a DJ. The area I'm in has very competitive pricing so I'll be able to get a photographer for under $1k.
As much as I thought I wanted a big affair, I realized I only wanted that because I wanted to make sure everyone else's expectations were met. Whats more important to me is that I marry the love of my life and invest in our future. So we're doing it cheap but chic. :) Maybe at our 10 year anniversary or something we'll do a big shebang at a fancy venue.
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I hear ya! I am a firm believer in - you get what you pay for..... I am sure that it varys with location, but if you are only spending a few thousand, you cut things out that other people find necessary. Everyone has their idea of what they want, and you may or may not be able to achieve it for a few thousand dollars. If I had to pay for all of my wedding, it would not be as nice as it is with my parents paying for the reception.

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I'm doing it for $10,000 (Although I think it will be more like 11-12 by the time we're done) and I can't imagine doing it for any less. That's for 150 people and we're already doing EVERYTHING ourselves. The only thing I'm splurging on is our photographer who is like $2,600.
That being said, doing it on a lower budget also hasn't been very stressful. I haven't felt like I'm missing out on anything and I haven't really had a hard time making it work. And if we had less people, then I know I could shave a few thousand off.

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Love it @katieb. I wish things were cheap in NJ!! Our flowers and photographer/videographer alone were over $6,000. I had a mini heart attack!!!!!! We're almost done paying things off but god i wish we had a money tree in the back yard!!!

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Our budget started at 10 and has worked its way up to 13 and some change. I could have totally done it cheaper but going to a VFW hall, not using a videographer or an expensive photographer. I could have not paid for a hair and MAU person for me and my MOH. Let's see..Oh, I could have used fake flowers instead of real. Gone without a planner. That right there would have saved me over 6000. I'm sure there are plenty of places I could have cut.
I totally applaud the women that work so hard and make their day beautiful on a budget of less then 5 k.Kudos to them.
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I fit into your category...Our wedding budget TOTAL is $3500. We CAN NOT go over that amount. We've scrounged to get where we are. We both work full time jobs (I work a part time one as well). But with bills and buying a house there's NO WAY we could budget any more. We are planning for 150-200 guests (depending on if my out of town family will make it or not). It's literally just our closest friends, and families.
I've done everything on my own. But it's fulfilling for me. I'm glad that i've been able to do it. I won't lie...it's been down right stressful, but I know it has to get done.
I'm a huge budgeter, I budget everything. So that part was easy. Putting it all together has been the hardest part i've found out...
My wedding will be what I wanted, It's not going to be missing anything that I want.
I'm not saying that I wouldn't want some BIG elegant wedding where I could have access to spend $25K, but for me and FH, it's perfect! :)

Just Reenski
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I'm doing mine for about $7K -- my parents are paying almost all of that (FH's parents are covering the cake), and I hate spending their money. I didn't even want extra money, but they upped the budget to keep me from stressing out over it.

Big savings by having a brunch wedding instead of dinner, not having a single flower (they die and I'm rather allergic anyways), and by simply keeping things simple. We have a guest list of about 110 (hoping it will be about 90 the day of). Definitely not the easiest thing, definitely takes patience and planning (and having a helpful support sytem goes a long way, too).

That said, I have a few friends having weddings for 10K or 20K -- props to them for being able to have it, and I'm sure all our weddings will be fabulous!

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I think that the biggest thing to making a budget wedding a reality are 1, the time line and 2 the guest list. I think a cost-effective wedding can be done with enough planing and time to do it right. I also think that the guest list makes the largest impact as well b/c the more heads you have at your wedding, the more $ you have to spend on food, booze, flowers, tables, chairs, favors, and all the details. That being said~ I TRIED in vain to keep out wedding budget under 10K, and when it's all said and done, it'll probably be mroe like 15k for a guest list of 50-90 ppl. And that's just crazy to me. We decided to hold it out of town to keep our guest count lower, and even still~ these things are just expensive and I wish I could come up with even more $ saving ideas...

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I understand what you are saying and pesonally I've gone back and forth about my budget but decided I didn't want to go much beyond $3000. What costs the most is usually the venue/food/photography/entertainment. For starters, I cut my guest list down from 132 to 64. The trick is to prioritize what you want vs what you need and go from there. Some brides may feel there day is incomplete if they don't have a large wedding party/guest list and all the bells and whistles Also I want to have something akin to a champagne brunch where we all can just spend time after the ceremony eating good food and talking, spending time with each other. Then off to the honeymoon, just he and I. To me it's incomplete if my guest list consists of more than just those people I know we can call to rescue us if we are stranded on a deserted highway at 2:00 in the a.m. Smaller budgets do not mean cheaper or not a full experience just a lot of price comparisons.
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I wouldn't have been able to do it with that little budget...my venue cost just over 8k...I think my total wedding was about 17k a little more then I wanted to spend but our day was perfect I skipped on things that weren't important like flowers and put more money towards our pics

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I originally had a 10k budget but doing my research I realize in my area it's going to be more like double that. Before I started any research I thought a 20k budget would get me an over the top elegant wedding with a unicorn drawn carriage and boxed rainbows but I now realize it's pretty much going to be pretty basic with that much UGH! Lol

Lee I.
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Laura, you and I are in the same boat.. however.. I'm trying to stick more to $12-$13k.

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Oh how I wish I was able to be one of those amazing brides who could plan an amazing wedding on a smaller budget (I know my FH wishes I were too lol). You ladies that were able to do it are awesome!! We have about 200 people coming and the way it looks right now we are going to be at about $25,000 (without the Honeymoon or our wedding rings). The price of stuff has given me multiple heart attacks but I don't think I could have done it all for any less!!

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A lot and a lot of research Prioritizing.. Keeping the guestlist down to a low 60 people (which is all we need, really) .We're actually looking at over $6k (we were hoping to stick to 5k, but decided we needed a DJ and sit down dinner).
We searched local vendors who don't have big businesses but have great work and positive reviews.
Also, our venue has a lot of things included (like bar, tables, linens, dishes, catering, pastry chef, etc.) so we only have three contracts (venue/catering, photographer, dj). Our space is unique and interesting enough that we don't need much for decor, but I'm DIY any decor that we need and hitting up Craigslist, Value Village, Goodwill, etc. My dress was on sale for $99... Having starting stylists (not starting as a beginner, just starting their own businesses) do hair and make up for tip only.. that's just off the top of my head ;P

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@laura I'm constantly thinking we should go up to $27,000. Our honeymoon is $2,500 (cruise to Bahamas) and that's something I'm, WE'RE haha, not giving up but we still have about $6,000 to pay off by August...

@mrs Lemmon my venue is about $15,000 at $100 a plate so that's making me want to keep the guest list down but it keeps going up, even though I know about 30 people usually say no.

@rowena good for you!!! I wish I could say the same, I feel like its my only chance to have a huge over the top wedding. Good luck, I'm sure it'll be amazing!

@saraD a small guest list, I wish i could cut mine down. my family alone has 70 people, having it out of town was a smart idea ;)

@reenski my mom and FH mom helped us with deposits and DJ so I'm glad we got some help!! :) but venue the biggest expense we're paying for.

@JamieK I agree bills always get in the way of saving more, but we're waiting to buy a house until Im done with school, so not having that is helping !

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Total cost of my wedding: $2,000
How? Bargins!!! LOL. Really, we had a lot of help and cut a lot of deals. Luckily, FH's family know literally everyone! We got a deal on the DJ, the photographer, the Hall, the officiant...
I made all the flowers and decorations myself from Hobby Lobby and The Dollar Tree
And got my dress adn the BM dresses off Amazon.
It's not a big extravagent wedding, by any standards, but it'll be all we really want or need. :D

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Not easy.... I put $5,000 into the budget section on ww. I'm hoping to keep it for less then that. And so far the only things really giving me any issues is venues and food. Saving some money with a friend marrying my FH and I, my cousin's doing my makeup and hair. I already had my gown, FH already has almost all his wardrobe. But food and venue is what has me going a little beserk. Of course, I don't know the areas around me that well and haven't had much of a chance to just go and look around.

Alot of people I've looked at that seemingly meet my requirements want like $1,000 or more and charge you $50 a plate! D=
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