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FH and I have pretty much chosen who we want to make our cake. Here's the thing though: She can give us exactly what we're looking for while still staying inside our budget because a) she does this from home in her spare time, and b) she's a friend of my MOH.
Because she doesn't really run a full fledged "business" though, what should I make sure is in our contract? I trust her to make my cake the way I want it. But I want to make sure I also have all my bases covered at the same time.

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Ummm what happened to making your own cake? I haven't really been around on here, so I probably missed it... anyway... I would make sure that you put in their the date (obviously) but the time that you want the cake there by. You don't want her getting there as your guests are arriving. We have a contract with a bakery and all that's in it is the time, date, venue, type of cake (yellow, chocolate, etc.), filling, and whatever special requests or instructions there are. For example, you're providing pink silk flower petals to put on the edge of the cake or there'll be so many sugar flowers in a certain part of the cake. Hope this helps!

Mrs. Carmen
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Very helpful, thank you.
Yeah I was considering making my own cake still, but my MOH pointed me in the direction of this girl and I mean...she's pretty much doing it all at cost, and she's ten times better than I am. So I'd rather pay just a teeny bit more and have one less thing I have to do last minute, and still have it look even nicer than I could do.
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Good call, Carmen. Cakes are tricky, stressful things that can go very wrong very fast. 3 things that I've seen go wrong with cakes are, the cake person is trying to deliver early because they have other things to do, and the venue is locked and the cake is melting in the car and they don't have a contact cell phone, just the phone they hear ringing inside the empty venue. The icing color is wrong...too dark usually. The more color on the cake, the more opportunity for a mistake. I like a plain cake with fresh flowers. Hard to go wrong! The cake is multi-tiered and it's not supported properly and it starts to lean during the reception. If you are getting tiers, make sure she will support it with dowels or some other method. The softer the cake and filling, the more likely this will happen. I think you're making the right choice!

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Shoot Carmen! Normally I have my planning journal with me all the time and of all days I left it home. Here's what I can remember off the top of my head. My cake contract had my name & contact info. The date of my wedding and delivery time for the cake. (Reception begins at 1PM. She is delivering the cake around 11 AM.) It also includes the name & address of the reception venue. Also a phone number for the venue.

Cake specific: Our cake is 4 tiers so she wrote in the sizes of the tiers. The type of icing I chose. She also drew a mockup of the cake (which really was for her) to write in notes as far as the flavors for each tier and what I wanted for decorations.

Oh and it also had what deposit I paid and when the final payment is due. It also states that I can make changes to my order up to 2 weeks before the wedding.

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I agree Carmen.. paying someone else to do it seems like a smart choice, especially if you've found someone in budget.

In our cake contract there's a copy of the design sketch, the date, time, location, any delivery information, the size of each of the cake pans, the flavors, icing, etc, price, any rentals, any cancellation policies... i can't think think of anything else, lol. Pretty much just the obvious stuff that you want to get in writing just in case something doesn't go as planned. :)

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Carmen, I give you koodoos for thinking of doing ur own cake in the first place. I know that I could do it, but would drive myself and FH insane before it was over. Plus, I think that with that and all else right before the wedding itself...would be to much.
xfiftyfour has lots of good info. I still need to get a contract from our baker.

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Ok here is something I just remembered...Word of caution: There is a major difference between Aunt Gracie Mae who bakes real good pound cakes and a person who has experience (even if it's a side/home business), the key is that they have experience. Last year a girl I know got married and her Aunt did the cake. Now I'm sure it was real pretty and probably tasted good as well. The problem is, the cake got smashed up in the car on the way to the wedding so the world will never know. They didn't have a cake for their reception.

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Maybe a sketch? I donno I haven't filled the cake contract thing out yet but that seems like a good idea.

A & M Photo and Video Productions, Inc.

A & M Photos and Video Productions, Inc.
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Dear Carmen: Just write a very short contract that list what she is going to do for you and how much it will cost you and both of you sigh it. If it possible have a witness but it is not necessary.

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My cake contract had the following: A sketch of the cake and a description (height, width, etc), colors, flavors, and filling. Then how much this would cost, what date and time it would be delivered by, cost of delivery and taxes and the final price.

A & M Photo and Video Productions, Inc.

A & M Photos and Video Productions, Inc.
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Dear Carmen: read what yadayada wrote right before me. The information that she provide will will give you an idea on how to write your own contract.

Tyrone Blue Entertainment

Tyrone Blue Entertainment
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This seems very scary to me. Having a "friend" provide a service for you is one thing... but when you write a contract, you are stepping into the "court system" should anything go wrong. This situation could harm relations for the "friend" and your MOH, should (Heaven forbid) something go wrong. This is a great idea to save money, but writing a contract elevates this situation into the "Professional" world.

Let's think about the "worst case scenario". Let's say the vendor ruins the cake or doesn't make the frosting the right color, or doesn't even show up. What are you going to do? Sue her? You'll probably not recover anything if you do. Simply by writing a contract, you're portraying the message that you consider this a legal situation, should she not come through. That would scare me away if I was doing a favor as a friend.

Don't get me wrong, contracts are good for professionals... Just my way of thinking about this...
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I agree with the previous poster...professionals have contracts to protect you and them. Just a word of advice, you should verify that your venue will allow a cake from an unlicensed individual...many will not because of liability issues. HTH

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ladylee... you just got all the horror stories don't you?!?! lol jk... but it is a good point!

Carmen something I forgot was asking if you checked with your venue that they're ok with a non-licensed baker (if she isn't licensed of course) to provide the cake. I know my venue said absolutely not... it was to be from a licensed baker, so you may want to just check w/them first to be on the safe side. :)
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