veil or no veil?
I didn't want a traditional wedding dress. I'm quite small and I kind of drowned in the bigger dresses so I'm not sure if my dress will look okay with a veil. I am for sure wearing a tiara. But any suggestions? I put pics of the hairstyle I am doing and my dress.

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i think a veil would be nice

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oooohhh I love your dress and I think a veil or no veil would be fine, that's probably not much help.

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A medium sized one you think?

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and thanks! only $60 at burlington coat factory lol.

Andrea Ank.
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Since you didnt want to do a traditional wedding dress ( and btw I think the dress you picked is goregous!) I would first ask your FH what his opinion on the veil is. You might be surprised if he wants you to have one. And sometimes just that one little thing that you can give him are better than anything.
If he doesnt mind no veil I would say look at either a birdcage or just a simple feather headdress type thing.
This is what I am wearing to the reception and I know that the lady on Etsy has them in plain white as well.

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Andrea is right, ask his opinion.. he may have always dreamt of lifting the veil....kwim. so if he says he doesnt care and you want one, i wouldn't go bigger than an elbow length one ora birdcage would super cute, plus the pic above.. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Your dress is gorgeous. I agree with asking your FH. If you go veil, I would go more than finger tip, but not cathedral.

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I love your dress.... It looks very nice on you. And yes, I would do a veil, but that is just me. If are not that traditional as you said, a birdcage would do or any other kind of head piece.

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Im just not a veil bride... I will have some fabulous hair though.

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I think it's one of those things we need to see you wearing...I can't picture someone with a veil on without them actually having one on, that dress does look like it needs a nice veil with it, and I think the hairstyle would look cute with a veil with it too, I think you should go with either a short one(shoulder) or maybe a longer finger tip length veil.

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double post
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I'm not going to be much help because I can only echo what the other girls have already said.

But, I did want to tell you how incredible you look in that dress. It is perfect for your build! And....did I read correctly that you got it at Burlington Coat Factory for $60?!?!?! That's even more amazing. I'm in awe....

Married: 04/28/2012
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my FH told me he doesnt mind either way. lol no help! im just unsure because i know i dont like the veils that cover my face and i dont know lol. i am not sure i'm a veil wearer.

and thanks ev

Lauren FM
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go with a bird cage!

and I LOVE YOUR DRESS : ) you look awesome!

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I knew that looked like a BCF dressing room! What a beautiful dress and great price. I think a veil would be good as someone above said, longer than finger tip but not quite cathedral! Or maybe try on the birdcages those are very cute too, add some flair!

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Your dress is really pretty! It would look great either way

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first off your dress is very pretty..fits you great..i think a veil would look great with it..since it is simple and elegant a veil would just give it more of a pop.

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first off , you must be the luckiest bride in the world, that dress looks as if it was made for you, as if that isnt enough, your price was amazing, and then as for the veil, you couldn't go wrong with or without, looking forward to seeing your wedding day pics!

Soon to be Mrs R
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First , you look very beautiful in that dress. Have to tried a blusher or a birdcage?
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