the knot v weddingwire
Is there a real difference?

I see that there is a whole lot of controversy and conflict on the knot, but typically do you get the same advice? I am a member of both but i just wanted to hear "first-hand" you chose this board

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The Knot is where you'll get real opinions. Here you'll get validation.

Have a bad idea, they'll help set you straight on TK. It may be harsh sometimes, but it's better to hear it from internet strangers than to have your friends and family talking behind your back.

Have a bad idea, they'll validate it here. You want to put poems requesting money on your invites? Come here. Charge for admission to your reception? Come here. Have a cash bar but give "free drinks bracelets" to your bridal party? Come here and they'll teach you how.

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I had a knot account and also a ww account I found that ww was way more helpfull not only with the planning tools but also in the forums. For me WW is #1 I love it so much i'm still here 4 months after my wedding.

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Personal preference - I use both too (or used to). The Knot has a LOT (all) of information on wedding planning, etiquette, wording, etc. But their tools weren't quite as helpful (i.e. the budget tool) - which is how I found WW.

WW has the best and most effective tools for $0.00 that I (personally) have found. I'm sure the ones that are paid have more options. But that's just how I found Wedding Wire. I stayed because the ladies here are just plain nicer (IMO). I've had some bad experiences at TK - and witnessed even worse. At WW, I've never had anyone "laugh" at me, call names, or be rude and nasty - even when they didn't agree. I've made friends. And I like that.

But that is just my experience. Other people swear by TK, its all a matter of personal preference and personal experience. Your journey may be different. If I were you, I'd continue to use both until I found the one that worked best for me.

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Wow Alicia. Sounds very bitter. It takes all types to make the world go round. Everyone isn't blessed with the things God has blessed you with. Is that a reason to "be harsh" to someone? Didn't your mother teach you "If you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all" ?

I feel that you have already made a decision that WW isn't for you. Maybe there is a site that you will feel more comfortable in...

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Try both and see what is the better fit for you. I think it's just a complete difference in the people. The knot tends to be brutally honest which some people prefer.

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I never visited the forums on theknot. the knot is good for information and ideas/pictures but that's all i ever used it for and honestly haven't been over there in a while. when i first started planning, i used the notebook feature a lot to keep track of things that i liked. but like i said, haven't been over there in a while and never participated in forum discussions.

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I have an account with both. I actually started at TK but then when they were talking about this place one time, I checked it out and stuck around because it seemed to me like most of the brides on here were planning more low-key weddings like mine, while most of the ones on TK were planning more elaborate events that I didn't really relate to much. I still like to lurk on TK but I don't post there because I get the feeling that's a big no-no.

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It's ok to post on the knot..and here. It's the internet, its not a private club.

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I with 3.6.10Bride. I started on TK, but I like WW better.

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both are ok, I really like the knot for the ask Carly stuff, but I really like the forums here, oh and is also really helpful as well about what to expect after marriage, it's definitely all about personal preference

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I have accounts with both websites. I just prefer WW because we don't make fun of people for different ideas, grammar, spelling, and little petty things. I've found on the knot that they are more rude and not as nice. Here if you don't agree with someone you say so in a nicer way then go on with your day. At TK if you don't agree with someone you make an entire thread to make fun of them.

I also like the tools here on WW better than TK. I do go to TK for more information and pictures and things like that though.

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You can flag posters on the knot.

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I do kinda feel like 3.16.10 bride - i feel that posting on TK requires a triage kit (and I do so hate blood). The few times I've posted there and someone dislikes what i'm saying/idea/etc - it gets real personal real quick. I feel that life hands out a lot of hard knocks - so I avoid picking up any additional unnessary ones. :-) I also don't watch soap operas or tear jerkers...

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Thank you all for the advice :) i am going to stay will both for awhile and see how it pans out. The knot people seem mostly nice but there are some people who are already accusing me of being "a troll" and that im a WW imposter. BUT so far i have not seen anything that sounds really bad on either site :) I do see that there may be a knot member over here stirring up dust...but that looks common.

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I love WW, I too am on both. I find that if I to know if something is "OK" that I'm truely not sure of, I will ask on TK since they are more "by the book". WW is great, like others mentioned they tell you they would do something differently but help you if you want to do something. TK comes off a bit more harsh but it's just their way of things. Especially since you are posting this also on the Etiquette boared... It's strickly by the book and also somewhat old fashion (traditional)....
After some time I like it over there to the point I know when to jump in, when not too, and how to take the their opinions. You just have to rememeber no one is telling you YES DO THIS or NO DO NOT DO THAT! IT's all based on Opinions.. and how you take them from them typing it. Typing can often seem as if they're being a bit more mean then what they truely are. have fun and browse more sites or both. I'm on 3 at all times..

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I'm a member on both, but I'm on WW everyday and I am on TK maybe once every 4 months. I refuse to use their forums. What they call "brutal honesty" is much more equal to a lynch mob mentality and if even one person disagrees with one persons idea, you can and will see an entire group of people jump on the bandwagon and go after that person in the most personal, hateful and mean ways possible. They like to say we don't have "honesty" here, we do have plenty of it. We just use TACT when doing so and don't mob up on people and don't beat people up over it. There is a RESPECT here on WW, though someone may be doing something I personally would never in a million years do for my wedding, I'm not about to tell them that they are stupid because they are. To each is own. What works for one may not work for another, but it doesn't make it wrong. Wrong for you personally maybe, but not wrong for the person doing it. Were not all "buttleflies and blue birds" over here like they say. We are just

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Ok scratch that...those people are getting nuts, i XXP my title (like one of there messages TOLD a poster to do) and now im even more being accused of being a fake lol

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Allison, the girls over there are leery because they had some crazy person stirring up drama. Prove them wrong, just show that you're not a troll.

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entirely NICER about getting our points across. And that mob mentality I was speaking of is exactly why so many of them are over here on our boards right now and why so many of them are discussing everything we say and titles of threads on here and the content in it. TK = CATTY, plain and simple. WW is not. And that is my 2 cents on it all. And now I will not say anymore on this subject. Because even by doing this, all it's doing is feeding the trolls.
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