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Hello! I've been lurking and posting some replies for a couple of weeks and I really need to introduce myself! My fiance and I have been engaged for one month today. We are planning a DW in Vegas on 9/21/2013. Our ceremony is booked at The Grove. We [By we I mean me in most of these instances ;)] are just getting colors picked out, reception spots, photographer, etc. He's an over the road truck driver so it's mostly me picking things out, reality checking myself, friends reality checking me (price, color, etc.), and then showing him.

My goal is to plan this whole celebration for under $10k and for a max of 25 people. Originally we were going to do an in suite cocktail hour at the Cosmo in the wrap around terrace suite. Followed by a private dinner at a restaurant instead of the traditional reception meal setup... continued...

Married: 09/21/2013
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Married: 09/21/2013
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However, after reading about the changes in the Cosmo's policies towards third party photographers and issues having in suite parties I'm changing our venue. I'm looking at doing a 1 bedroom hospitality suite or 1 bedroom penthouse for the day/night of the ceremony. Seeing the prices for Mirage's plated dinners makes me think about changing our original plan and steering more towards a traditional reception setup, too. Some of them are fairly affordable vs. the price ranges we were looking at for the private dinner. I'm trying to force myself to look at other venues for dinner as well but I really thought the less we had to travel between the ceremony, the cocktail hour, dinner and after party the better.

I really envision our day being very intimate and sweet for the ceremony. Then to have a really fun, rocking party at night. Vegas is one of our favorite cities and I'm really hoping to capture the energy and fun spirit of Vegas in our reception that night, and the nights leading up

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HEY THERE! Your date is a week before mine! I saw your post on my post earlier.

I LOVE your vision for your wedding...very intimate and sweet ceremony, and a funny fun party at night! That's what we are headed towards also. I LOVE it! Vegas will be fun I'm sure!
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