RD fashion question....
So I have a question for the amazing WW ladies.

I fell in LOVE with this skirt, bought it, and am thinking it would look great for my rehearsal dinner but I have no clue what to pair it with...

Thoughts? I have never owned something like this. FH dropped the remote while playing Call of Duty when I tried it on for him so I think its definitely a winner!

edit- the link is not working so I was able to Pin in-- and here is the link to the pin!


Wedding: 09/02/2017
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Andrea Ank.
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the link wouldnt work for me :(

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hmm links messed up. I am guessing it's this one?

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thanks carrie-- yeah that one.

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It depends. How formal a setting is your RD?

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I would think a simple white or black tank/short sleeve top would work with it.

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Our rehearsal dinner is at a fine dining restaurant that has a 20's theme to it.

@Missy- thats kinda what I was thinking- a simple black shirt sleeve top, but then I second-guessed myself and thought I would ask.

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I would do black platform pumps and def a plain colored shirt b/c their is lace in the skirt. If you do a simple black tank how about adding a short trendy black blazer and long silver or gold necklace.

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A black sleeveless blouse and pumps. The mad men collection at Banana comes to mind.
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