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I found a photographer I really want to use. (I had posted about a newbie photographer before but she ended up wanting $500 even though she never shot a wedding and I immediately said no to that). Anyways, the photographer I want to use had two packages listed on his website, one was for $400 and one was for $700 and there was only an hour difference in time and few other small things. When I questioned the differences in packages, he informed me there was a typo on his website, that the $700 package is suppose to be an 8 hour package, that for the typo he would give us an engagement shoot free if we chose that package (he normally charges $65 for a 2 hour engagement shoot). When he sent me the contract, he included that, but he also included that he would schedule the engagement shoot after he received my signed contract and down payment. We kinda wanted to do the engagement shoot first to see if we did like him, so do I just pay for the engagement shoot, or do I tell him this?

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Like do I tell him we would like to just pay for an engagement shoot now and we will decide to sign the contract after our engagement shoot? And hope that maybe he will just deduct the $65 off the total if we do sign with him for the wedding.

Another question: In his contract he states: Limit of Liability: In the unlikely event that the photographer becomes injured or becomes too ill to photograph the event, photographers name will make every effort to secure a replacement photographer.

I'm obviously going to ask him to be more clear about who his back-up would be and what the chances of a back-up are if he does become injured, but also shouldn't I have it put in the contract that if he does not show up and he does not send a back-up I should get all my money back. The way it is stated now sounds like will I'll try but if I can't find any your s%#* out of luck and I don't like that

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I don't think it is unreasonable to ask if he would be willing to do the engagement shoot first and you will pay him the $65, and then if you book him he deducts the engagement price.
And I also think that there should be some sort of clause where you should get at least most of the money back in the case of him, or an equally qualified photographer, cannot make it. I know mine says that they WILL get replacement photographers.

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Well he isnt going to give you a free E shoot and then have you turn around and say NO. its too much a risk for him. Maybe he'll charge you the $65 and then hold it to see if you'll order the package. Idk, I doubt he'll do it. I mean he is offering you a great deal really. Does he have pics on his website? My thought is you were considering it before he offered you a free e-shoot right? So what would change?
And yes ask him to add the "change" to his contract. A good photograper will be more than happy to make those changes for you, to make his clients happy!
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No I don't want him to give me a free shoot. I was thinking of paying for the engagement shoot and then when we signed the contract he would deduct the $65. I've looked at tons of photographers and narrowed down to him. He is the most reasonable, I like his work, and we are most likely going to go with him. My FH doesn't realize all the time I have put into researching photographers (though I tell him this) and wants to try him out first with the e pics before we sign a contract. We also haven't officially met with him yet. He is about an hour away from us so we thought better to just meet, do our pics and talk then to drive meet, then drive again to do pics (we are doing our pics in a park near where he lives).

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Yea you definately want to atleast TALK to them on he phone. You can get a good or bad vibe from someone.. and if he rubs you the wrong way you don't wanna waste your time! Good Luck, hopefully he'll do that for you!

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I doubt he would deduct the cost later, most photographers do not work that way. But if you want to try him out, just shell out the $65. Think of it as an insurance payment -- so you don't have to fight for a deposit after crappy engagement pictures.

I worry about how cheap he's coming for. Have you seen any of his wedding pictures? Even my SAHM photographer, who works on the side, is $150/90 minutes for engagement & editing.

Are you paying for editing?

Andrea Ank.
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I would ask.. the least that he could do is say no.
And I would def do the Epics first, that way if you meet him and dont like his attitude or how he instructs you then you arent stuck with a photographer that isnt looking to make this a pleasurable experience.

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This does include editing too. I get a cd with all the pictures on it (they won't all be edited, I think for the wedding like 60 or 70 of them are edited) and I will have to print all my own pics, but that is what I wanted. I didn't want to be limited to having to pick only a few poses, I wanted all my pictures and to be able to print as many of them as I wanted. I have seen his work and like his photography. He's not a big name photographer, aka why he doesn't cost so much.

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My photographer (who is awesome btw lol) did our e-shoot for free and sort of as a preview of her work. We were given two teasers and able to decide if we wanted to go with her or not. If we booked with her (which we did) the e-shoot was free, if not, we had to pay her usual session fee. Either way, I liked the idea of previewing her work prior to signing the big deal contract. Its worth a shot, doesn't hurt to ask.
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That sounds too cheap. Name isn't why the bucks go up; it's reputation and skill.

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I actually went with a more expensive photographer after meeting two I really liked in person. he's feels easier to work with for me. I talked with him about the costs and he's being really nice and letting me work out a payment plan that I can pay after the wedding if I got too. We have not had our E-pics yet.

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I agree that seems way to cheap. I am on a budget and had to do a lot of research and I didn't find anyone worth at that price. I'm not trying to be a downer but just be careful and for that price doing the e-shoot before signing is a really good idea. I would ask if he would deduct the $65- if you sign with him, I see no harm in asking. I would definately make sure that you get references from him, and check them out. I mean honestly anyone can put pictures on a website and claim that they are theirs. Just be cautious because I personally feel a photographer is one of the most important things in your wedding, after it's all said and done that's what you have.

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It might be my area...I have found many photographers in the price range $600-1200...there are many photographers in a higher range too
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