Nwr Has anyone ever tried Sensa to lose weight?
Has anyone on here tried Sensa? I would like to try it and want to know if its worth the $89.99 for 60 days. I just ordered it today and if it doesnt work, I want to know so I can cancel my free trial.

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I haven't personally tried it because of the stories I've heard from my friends about it. Basically, if you eat something you're not supposed to eat, or if you eat too much fat in a day you WILL pay for it and spend the remainder of the day on the toilet or you better be packin' some diapers.

That's the nicest way that I could put it :)

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lol, sounds like alli.

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I've tried sensa. Sooooooooooooo not worth the aggravation. They say just sprinkle it on your foods, don't change the way you eat and the pounds will fall off, lies I tell you! Let me tell you what's been working for me, eat what you want in small portions, increase your water and include fiber in your diet (like fiber one). I lost 30 lbs doing that. And for what it's worth, I sent Sensa back!

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That's not sense that causes bathroom issues. It's alli, (orlistat). Sense works great for some, doesn't do much for others. Have to be consistent with it.

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I decided to try it after a friend had success with it. I've been working out and eating pretty well but just needed some help. I have been on it for a month and am down five pounds. I have been going to the gym religiously and have noticed a big difference in my appetite. It has also helped with my cravings.

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I am very leery of weight loss products, therefore, I just struggle the old fashioned way.

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I'm glad I read this lol! I'd been considering trying sensa. I really would like to lose some weight so I look good in my dress! I'm trying to stick to a workout routine and change eating habits, it's been a bit of a challenge.
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