My fiance and I are having our wedding outside by a pond behind our house. The pond is about a quarter of a mile from the back porch maybe a little more. We are having a very small ceremony and we are on a very tight budget. Since we are spending more on the honeymoon we would like to keep it simple. Should I still have wedding music if the guest list is 30-40 people? If yes, then how would I accomplish that without hiring a DJ or musician? Another question, where should my father and I walk from? or should we skip that part to. It seems like a long walk from the house and I might look silly walking all that way. Anyone have any ideas?

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I think background music is always nice. I would say with that small of a group a really nice stereo (battery powered) would probably project well enough. Since its your property you can definetly test out if a laptop, ipad etc woudl do the job.

The walk is up to you, it'd be about 5 minutes, maybe it'd be a nice moment between you and your dad? Where else would you walk from if not the house, would it be awkward standing somewhere waiting for guests to be seated?

Hayley C™
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Hi Jaci ~ welcome to WW

Do you have any trellis pieces you can hide behind? I'd still get photos of you walking out your front door, even if it is staged before or after the ceremony.

Any connection to the high school band? Anyone with them that could play for next to nothing?

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Welcome to WeddingWire @Jaci! :)

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Welcome to WW Jaci!

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I am with Haley C. I would try to fashion some sort of screen to walk out from behind

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For music, my cousin did an ipod. She made a song list that played for the entire reception, also she had her brother be like the MC for the wedding, so he annouced them into her tent etc. It was actually one of the best wedding I attended. She stood outfront of the house and just walked around, it wasn't a big deal how she entered, we just loved seeing her so happy :)

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you can always play pandora!!

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Welcome Jaci!

As far as the music, you could use an mp3 player, laptop, or a pre-made cd. I agree with a trellis or tent or something to walk from if the walk from the house is too far.

Nicole K.

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Also don't forget to make a plan B in case it rains. :(

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You should definately have music, even if its a very small band. Just a suggestion for outside wedding. You should get some tall bug candles for extra light and to keep bugs away.

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Instead of having everyone strain their necks to see you come in, can you sit at or by the pond on full view as your guests arrive, with father/mother of bride and groom greeting guests greeting guests as they are being seated. Then, your father can walk you around the pond (presumably circular) to meet your groom. If you want to walk down an aisle, have it coming down separating wedding parties, but that will be only for departure. outdoor speakers for wedding music on stereo.

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I would down load music to a laptop and have music that way. as for walking down I agree with Samii B it would be a nice walk for you and your dad.

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I agree with the cd player/mp3/ipod/whatever for soft music in the background. And I would say make up a screen or barrier of some sort to hide behind until time. It could be extremely cheap to make or use stuff from around the house maybe? Or what about one of those tri-fold photo screens. That would be cute if you knew someone who would let you borrow it...you could put pictures of the couple in it.

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You could use Ipod or MP3. There was a discussion a few days ago about how to pull it off.


Good luck!

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I would support Haley, you should plan for some sort of screen to walk out from behind rather then walking quarter mile. For music you can try with Ipod. That should work fine.

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download music, rent a P.A system :) or check local bands you may be able to hire some kids from like a jazz band at the highschool or something. I would inquire with a school around if they can recommend a few responsible students? I mean if they are just playing guitar, or sax or piano softly it would be nice and they could probably use a little money.

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do you have or know anybody with a golf cart?..you could have dad drive it down by the pond then get out and walk with him!
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