Need help with bridesmaid dresses!!
Okay, so I'm having a really rough time finding dresses for my girls! We had dresses already picked out, but they are no longer available since I had to postpone the wedding. So, I thought that the girls could all get dresses that they liked and would wear again, after all, they are the ones paying for them. I picked the girls for who they are and I want that to show on my day! Of course, I will be looking at the dresses before purchase to make sure they are in my color scheme and go with the other dresses. But, my problem is this: My girls range from size 12 to 24! How can I find dresses that go together, or even are the same dress, in those sizes?! Has anyone had to deal with this yet? I'm very overwhelmed because I do not want to make any of my girls feel uncomfortable and I promised them that I would help them find something that worked! Any one have any suggestions?!!

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I chose to let my girls pick out their own dresses. I went to davids bridal and picked the color. My color is malibu. Then I just let them decide what to wear. I specifically wanted shorter dresses knee or tea length and it has worked out great. I had sizes 2-20 in my wedding so I felt they needed to all be different. Honestly I am so happy I went this route. All of thier dresses were less than $140 which is semi expesive but at least they are all the same color.

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I did the same thing Tiffany did, picked cornflower blue and each girl picked a dress. they have run from 59 for one, it was on clearance, to 149, the girls are all different sizes so I thought this would be the way to suit everyone

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I see you live in Lancaster, take the girls and make a trip to Columbus go to JCPenny outlet. we paid $25.00 a piece for them and they can wear them again after the wedding. As you can see my girls are all different size also. I will have to have a few alterations done but for $25.00 it is well worth the price.

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My girls found dresses from Watters that they all love. They're different styles, but in the same fabric and color. The sizes were all over the place too. They all look great because they were each able to find a style that was flattering.

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I think DB is the way to go for this since they make each style in the sizes you need, so you don't have to worry about that problem. That's what I did because mine ranged from 4-22. It must be nice to have BMs that are all about the same size, because that gives so many more options that are usually cheaper!

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believe it or not my girls are ranging from a size 2 to 20.

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i have girls ranging from a size 6-24. We picked our dresses at davids bridal. I wanted all to have the same dress so we made sure we picked a style that would look good on any body type/. i originally liked the shorter fitted styles on the hangers but wanted everyone to be able to feel comfortable, so we tried a few different ones too. i love the one we went with and it flattered all of them. It is a long, flowy, spaghetti strap dress with an empire waistline with beading along the neckline

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I'll be facing the same problem when we go look for our BM dresses. My MoH is a very curvy size 18 and my BM is a 00 with literally NO curves. I'm hoping I can find a dress that suits them both (ideally I would like for them to match) but I don't know how realistic it is. It'll be an adventure. ;)

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My girls range from 6 to 16...I found dresses I liked, read reviews to make sure that they could suit any body type, then I showed the girls the two dresses I liked and went with majority rules, all the girls ended up loving the dress.

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My girls range from 6-24 and short and tall. Davids Bridal was the way to go for us. All the girls found the same dress that they all love and look beautiful on all of them.

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I'm 4th-ing the go to DB idea. I picked canary, long, satin, with rouching and let my girls pick the dress.
Though my girls are all semi close in size. the smallest is probably a 8-10 and the largest is a 18 with a 14 and a 16 in the middle.

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I was a DB BM - color and fabric was picked by the bride for a two piece or one piece outfit - It worked out great because we ranged in size for a Jr BM of 0 to 24. Also having the two piece option was great as some of those one piece would have needed a lot of altering for one person who wore two vastly different sizes on top and bottom.

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I picked my colors, there are two and told them what color they were in, and to pick a dress, any dress, but knee length or be sure we could alter it...... in the end, they all picked the same dress and I have sizes 4-20 in mine and a jr.

Shannon S.
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I just had my girls were knee-length black dresses of their choice. It was a lot less of a headache for me, and they were able to shop their own closets for attire.

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Hmmm....that's what I originally want is for them to be all the same color, same length, same fabric, but different styles. But, isn't DB expensive? My girls don't have much money (most of us are in college or are trying to pay back college :( ) so I don't want to put them out. I think that would be rude. I would love for them to spend less than $100 on a dress. I wouldn't want to spend more than that on a dress for someone else's wedding. And, the only dresses that are in stock at DB and are in the price range, aren't in the sizes I need. I'm just getting overwhelmed with getting so close to the wedding and them not having dresses yet!

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My girls ranges from 4-24. I picked a designer, fabric, and color and told them to have at it! I chose Alfred Angelo, chiffon; and they had like 20 choices. They all work together since same designer so similar feel

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My girls range from size 6 to 28. So I chose Alfred Angelo, because they are more true to size. And told them that they had to be claret, satin, and long. Oh, and no rhinestones, because only the bride's dress will be blinging down the aisle:-)

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Well, I went to JCP and we found this wonderful dress that we all fell in love with! But, it wasn't available in everyone's size! Ugh! This is getting aggravating!

Has anyone ever tried ordering from one of the online dress sites?
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Have you considered a twist dress? Check out and click on Bridesmaids. This dress is great for all body types! All the photos are from my own wedding.
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