Mother on wedding day.
Hi Ladies,

First I wanted to introduce myself I am brand new to this site! :) My FI and I are planning a May 2010 wedding.

My question is...I want to make my mother feel extra special on our wedding day, she has been a best friend and wonderful mother. I wanted to know how you are going to honor your mother on your special day.

Thanks for your input. Have a great day. :)

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A lot of our brides have chosen to do a Mother/Daughter dance. It's becoming more and more common. They dance with their mother at the same time the groom is dancing with his mother.

You could also just say a special thank you to her when you are doing your toasts.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I was unaware how popular the mother/daugther dance was. :) That is neat to hear. Have you ever heard of a mother being in the wedding? Like the Maid of Honor?

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Question. Is your father giving you away? If not you could have you Mom give you away... Not walk you down the aisle but when they ask who gives this bride away (or whatever they say) your mom can stand up and say I do.

Thats what i am having my mom do. My uncle will walk me down the aisle and then she will actually give me away.
We are also doing the the Mother Daughter dance, but i am not telling my mom about that. Its going to be a little surprise.

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Sheena that is a great idea. :) My father will be giving me away on my wedding day. I love your idea and I think it is great you are surprising your mom that way :)

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I did a Mother/Daughter dance with my mom to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock N Roll". Everybody thought it was great, and we had a blast!

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I think since I have a great relationship with my mom, is maybe surprising her with a Mother/Daughter Dance and playing the Beach Boys "Cocomo" since we used to play that in the car all the time when I was little, and every time the line "Common Pretty Mama" came on my sister and I would shout it and point to her (and since now I'm in the Mom crowd). I'm also having my 4 year old nephews escort her down the isle since she's unmarried and I don't know her new boyfriend that well and having my dad/stepmom, and my hubby's parents walk down together and my hubby and I will be walking down the isle together for our Vow Renewal. Good luck. Welcome to the site and Congratulations!

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Something else I've been contemplating with my husband is I'm having my only sister and 1 best friend as Maid and Matron of Honor, besides some friends/SIL's as Bridesmaids, I've been thinking of this for years actually having my mom by my side as a MOH and having her stand right next to me holding my bouquet. Some people might not find this traditional and our Vow Renewal is by no means Traditional. If that's something you're comfortable with you can always ask her to be a MOH.

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If your Mom is your very best friend & super fantastic mother why not ask her to be your Matron of Honor? I think she would burst into tears at the thought of you even thinking of asking her. anything you do will be fine....believe me mothers always appreciate anything their children do to make them feel special. Go with your heart & you will make the right choice! You're so sweet I just had to add that:)

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Ah thanks ladies! I love the idea of having my mom as Matron of Honor. The wedding will be small and the party will be myself, my sister, my fiance and his brother (we each only have one sibling) it would make it 2 on my side and 1 on his...but I do not think that is a big deal at all. I just think my father walking me down the aisle is really special, and want to incorporate my mom in a special way too. When I have brought this up people usually say "being mother of the bride is special" ...I understand that but I would really love to do something like that! :) Thank you ladies for the welcome and being so kind. :)
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I felt the same way as you so I helped her pick out her outfit & we went shoe shopping together. I also asked her to do a reading & we picked it out together. She will also be a part of the unity candle ceremony. Its really sweet that you want to do something for her I think she will really appreciate it.

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I had mentioned the idea of Maid of Honor (my parents are divorced and she's still unmarried) including my mom to my Hubby and he even said to me "I love your mom, and I know your relationship is a lot better with her than it is with your dad. If you want to have her as a Maid of Honor and have her by your side at our Vow Renewal, I'm perfectly ok with it. You'll probably make her cry asking her." I was even playing around on David's Bridal with a dress similar to the one I'm buying and Bridesmaid Dresses similar to what I'm having my Bridal Party and have my Bridesmaids wearing one color(Cinderella Blue), my Maid/Matron of Honor Wearing another (Baby Pink), and my mom wearing my chosen Mother of the Bride color (lilac which was her color of everything she chose for me as a child) and let her have a little bit of individuality from the rest of the Maids of Honor since she'll also be MOB. It actually looked really nice. Another thing if you have her as MOH have her wear a different

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color in your color scheme, that way she still feels part of the Bridesmaids with her own individuality as MOB. I love the idea of Mom as Maid/Matron of Honor. Who better for the job than your own mom who's always been there for you:)

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I am going to have my florist put two loose roses in my bouquet. and on my way up the aisle- I am going to give one to my mom and after the wedding I am going to give one to my fiance's mom.

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Ah cute! I have never thought of that...that is really neat. Thanks for the idea :) How special. :) Congrats on your wedding.

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Congratulations for your engagement! I think something nice will be offer her your bouquet. Instead of toss it you can give it to her and let her know you want to give it to her because she is very special to you and more than a wonderful mother she is your friend.

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Ah I like that idea too! SO many great ideas...thanks ladies! :) I was not planning on having a boquet toss because it is a small wedding and most of the women are married.

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I'm having my mother in law and my mother hold the rings and come up with them and hand them to us. So my mom will hand my FH my ring and my mother in law will give me the ring for my FH.

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This is more for HIS mom but I'm going to have two extra roses in my bouquet. When I get to the end of the aisle I'm going to give my mom one and I'll give his mom one when I walk back up the aisle. Just a small way of welcoming her into MY family and making them both feel a part of the ceremony.
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