May Be TMI But I need to Know..........Birth Control
Are or has any of you ladies used Amethia for birth control? If so, how did you like it? Or did you have continuous spotting like all month? I am on this and am so unhappy and frustrated. I have to possibly go back to the brand name "Seasonique" in which it's $90 for the 3 month supply. The insurance automatically some way switched me to the Amethia and I am paying $20 for 3 month supply. At first I was like ok whatever thinking it wasn't going to affect me differently but little did I know I'd be spotting like this. I am just pissed .

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Seasonique and Amethia have the same active ingredients, but may have different inactive ingredients that are affecting you this way.
Talk to your doctor about the adverse side effects, maybe your doctor can prescribe you Camrese - it is another generic for Seasonique but is an "authorized generic" - meaning the tablets are EXACTLY the same as Seasonique, same active and inactive ingredients, just packaged differently.

**If the insurance company automatically switched you, you may be able to ask your pharmacist to special order you Camrese and have it approved through your insurance company. Ask questions!
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there are TONS of pills that make me bleed all the freaking time lol most were also generic brands. im on the nuva ring now and love it!!

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Thanks ladies for your input. I will look into the Camrese.
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