Friday weddings!?
Hey Ladies...I have my wedding set for a friday evening but I still do not feel all that comfortable about it. We chose a friday because the venue I want is cheaper for that day. How do you guys feel about it?

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we are doing a friday as well.. ours was 8000$ cheaper because it was fri and not sept. yet.. !!! im not even a little bit worried about it; i fig if ppl want to come they will, even if it was a wed.

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Hey, you might get more of the party people that day! lol. I wouldnt have minded a friday wedding. Its not like most people go to work the next day.
Then can come home from work, get ready then LET LOOSE! lol

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The more I check out pricing and the more my budget has inched up, not wanting to go beyond $10,000 the choices I am looking at for a nice wedding and reception are either a Saturday or Sunday brunch or a Friday evening wedding. If a Friday evening wedding fits your budget and works out for you, I say go for it

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Lol ok..Thank you ladies!!

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I'm also a friday evening person. Our ceremony doesn't start till 6- so even people who work 9-5's will have time to get off, clean up a bit, and get to us. I wouldn't do anything early then like a 4 or 5pm ceremony on a friday because then people would have to take the whole day off- but I think as long as the ceremony starts late enough it won't be a problem.

Edited to add- A lot of our friends don't work normal 9-5 jobs, so if we did it on a friday or a saturday a lot would have to take time off anyways- so it didn't matter much either way.
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yes it starts at 6:30. I thought people would be too tired after work. But all of your comments reassure me!

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I am having a friday wedding because it was more affordable as well. We got a 35% discount. Surprisingly 93% (128/138) of the guests we invited accepted. And our wedding ceremony starts at FIVE. I was fearing for a while that no one was going to come but people just came out of the wood work.

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I'm having a Friday wedding as well, Christina G. Wasn't sure at first either, but as I started booking the different vendors for my wedding, I soon discovered that discounts were a lot more likely to be offered when having your wedding on an "off" from the venue,the dj...all because my wedding is on a Friday and not Saturday...didn't take too long for me to become excited lol ;)
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I'm a professional. I didn't have my wedding on a Friday but I have attended a few. I didn't feel anything different. Just that I got to sleep in the following day. But you know the saying, you can't please everybody. It doesn't matter if you have your wedding on a Friday or a Saturday. Remember, this is your day. Remember it how you want to remember it.

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We are having a Friday wedding because of college graduations that Sunday. It came out a bit cheaper because of it which was nice:). It has posed a problem for a few people, but we still have 25 more coming than planned.

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I had a Friday night wedding and I wouldn't have changed it for the world...not only was it cheaper for the venue, but also gave me more time to get ready since we had a 5pm ceremony so I had all day to get ready and didn't need to be up at 6 in the morning to get my hair and makeup done...and I sent out my invites early enough so people could get off work or take a half day.

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Friday weddings can be done- but you have to look at your life and the life of your guests. Here's an example, from my personal experience.

I get off work Friday at 5pm. Between traffic and picking up my kids, I don't get home until about 6:30. Going a wedding, I would probably swing in and pick up the sitter first, so 6:40. It's a wedding, not a party. So, I need to wash up a bit, touch up my makeup, fix my hair and change into a nice dress. I'm quick, so by 7pm, I'm ready to leave my house. Almost every wedding venue is close to an hour from my house. If I hurry, I can make a wedding that begins at 8pm.

I also live in a major metropolitan city, and traffic takes forever to get anywhere. If you live in a much smaller town- then travel times aren't as long. So, look at your guests and make sure you set the time for the wedding accordingly, and take your pictures beforehand.

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I agree that Friday weddings can work great if your guest live close enough to the venue. For me and my FH it is not an option because many of our guests will need to drive 2 hours to get to our wedding. Travel couldn't be avoided because our families live 5 hours apart and our friends are in a totally different direction based on where we did our undergrad so we are doing Saturday afternoon so people don't need to miss work and have plenty of time to drive.

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Friday weddings vary. I have went to a friday wedding before and it was hard for us to get there due to the time me and my FH got off, the time we got my son and got up there. Also, if you have OOT guest, it may be harder for them to take two days off, make accomodations (if it's an adults only wedding). For some, it works fine and others it doesn't. We decided against a friday wedding because of timing.

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Our wedding is on a Wednesday. Many of your guest will attempt to take off and make a long weekend.

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I would go to a Friday wedding. I also must add that my and FH have no kids to coordinate. If we did we would drop them off at our family member's house.

FH would probably take off from work early because traffic can be nasty but we don't live too far into the burbs. Also since your wedding is in the evening it would be fine.

If we really wanted to go to the wedding we would make it work, I think your guests will do the same.

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I'm all for Friday weddings! FH doesn't want one, but if it's more affordable I say do it! PLUS it gives everyone something to look forward to while their day is dragging at work!

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I don't see anything wrong with a Friday wedding because its the start of the weekend and alot of people will not have to take off the next day. Also, alot of ppl party on friday nights so why not at your wedding, lol

Mine is on a Sunday which I know may be inconvenient for people being that the next day is a work day. But the bottom line is you have to do what works for you and ur FH and if having it on the day you chose saves money then its a smart decision. All you can do is tell people in advance and if they want to be there they will make arrangements to be there. No worries! :)

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I am getting married on a Friday at 5pm. We cannot wait. A lot of our guests responded with a yes. I was expecting people to say no because it will fall on a Friday. Our guests have made it into a day off to relax and then party. :D

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I say do whatever makes YOU & yours happy!! If they are going to come, they are going to come whether its a friday, tuesday or saturday.

We are having ours on a Sunday morning with an afternoon brunch. We were skeptical at first, but the date was important to us - And like I said before, those who are excited to come will be there regardless of the day.
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