Engagement picture outfits?
So we are going to New Orleans in October to visit fam & meet with all of our vendors, as well as getting out engagement shots done. I have NO CLUE what to wear! What did some of you wear?

i dont know if i should wear a dress and heels or we should both wear jeans.....

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Hi Tracy,
I'm a makeup artist in Los Angeles. My husband and I have a wedding photography & beauty company. When we shoot an engagement session we suggest to our clients not "to try" in other words be comfortable and natural, wear what you both feel good in, keep colors complimentary but not matched and keep the lines and textiles to a minimum. Wear your makeup as you usually would for day (just remember to blend and keep colors natural to your skin tone).You'll love looking back in 20 years at who you were.Your wedding images will be the dressed-your-best shots. It makes a nice contrast especially when your engagement images are displayed in your wedding guest book. Best wishes, Colette

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I have to agree keep it simple and what ever your comfortable in but elegant. I'm sure you will pick the right thing and have fun.

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Your engagement photos should be fun and relaxing, i think the more comfortable you feel the better, plus it can give you more poses. I wore my husband and I wore jeans and our pictures turned out fantastic!!

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We're getting ours taken in October as well but in Pennsylvania where the leaves will (hopefully) be changing colors. I think I'm just going to wear jeans and a sweater... and he'll probably wear jeans and a casual button up shirt or sweater. Something that we'd wear to say... an afternoon party? Nice, but nothing "dressed up" if that makes sense! On the other hand I've seen engagement pictures where they have gone all out in a tie for the groom and a cute dress for the bride and it totally worked for them. We're just not very dressy people!

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We're supposed to meet with our photographer in a couple of months for a planning session but my guess is that I'll probably wear a couple of outfits during our engagement session. I agree with the others to dress comfortably...I think it also depends on where you're going to be photographed.

I will likely wear jeans and a cute (but simple) top and a pair of flats - my FI will likely wear jeans and a polo or something of that nature. To mix it up, I might through in a little dress, but nothing too dressy. I'll be going for a very natural look because like others have said, your wedding day is for your best dressed photos. Have fun!
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Hi Tracy,

There are a few things to remember for your engagement photos. First, I think it's important to wear something that is comfortable and shows your personality. Most photographers suggest you bring at least one change of clothing, so you could bring one dressier outfit and one jeans type outfit. I also suggest keeping your makeup more natural, particularly staying away from heavy dark eye liner or heavy dark lip color. Clothing wise, the primary things I personally tell people are just make sure you feel good in it and it fits you well. Stay away from logos or super busy patterns (patterns themselves are great, but if you think it looks too busy, it might be!).

Good luck.. I am sure they'll be great. I love Nola! :)
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One of the most important things to remember is to have the two of you match in style - if you're wearing dressy clothes, he should be too, if you go casual, have him go casual as well!

Also, pick clothes that you feel beautiful in, and that you feel comfortable and natural in. The more relaxed you are, the better you will look. Pick colors that flatter your skin tone, and stay away from busy patterns! It would also be a good idea to bring at least one extra FULL outfit (remember shoes and jewelry for your extra outfit!)

Engagements pictures are a great chance for you to have a lot of fun as a couple. I'm sure you'll have a great time!

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We got to wear 2 outfits for ours, and we did one dressy, one more casual. I have pics up in my album...Our photographer suggested one outfit with black (because these are nice formal pics for newspaper announcements, programs, etc) And I wear dresses allllll the time, so he wore jeans and a matching top to my dress. We matched, but werent too "matchy matchy"...I'd recommend for your causal outfit to go to a store that sells both girls and guys (we went to AE) that way they have a lot of corresponding colors...:)
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There are many ways to approach your engagement shoot outfits. General rule is that you want to match. Example: jeans and a white shirt or simple tops with cargo pants. I always stress to my clients the importance of not wearing anything flashy or with letters/ logos on it. No matter how stylish the outfit is your shots will look dated! Example: those colored 70's one piece outfits. Think of your parents weddings shots with the heart cut out around them on the beach. Do you really want that?
If your both into a sport or hobby and you want a creative shot you could do a theme around it. Depends on what your going after. Ex: a sky dive couple in their jump suits.
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I tell my clients they should be themselves. Dress in something you feel comfortable in. Being in front of a camera can be hard enough without worrying about an uncomfortable bra, or belt, or tie.

You want your photos to represent who you are. If you wear leather and chains everyday then wear that. If you are more into slacks then that. If you are about funky t-shirts then that. Solid colors and simple patterns are good. Just imagine yourselves in the photos you have seen in what you would wear.

Congrats and good luck!
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I agree with most everyone's responses. Keep it simple, yet make sure everything that is going to be shown FITS perfectly and is something you really love to wear. As a print makeup artist, and having worked on a ton of engagement shoots - no wild patterns, nothing too loud or bright (neon, plaid, etc)...everything should be subtle in pattern and/or plain. Great natural fabrics are the best bet - cotton, raw silk, cashmere, wool, denim, etc.

Not a lot of accessories or jewelry either...less is more. When in doubt leave one thing out...also look for frayed edged and stray strings on clothing.

Simple, clean beauty makeup and grooming (or the man too!) is best. Hire a makeup artist if you'd like - the same one for your wedding, but they will do a more subdued look, something natural.

Best of luck!

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I am having the some problem I need help.. I am of course on the heavier size but I am all wearing cute and flattering so I have no clue... I could use some help
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