Dress fitting issues
I bought my dress back on December and after that I started a plan to lose weight and get fit... I have lost almost 40 pounds so far (yay!) but I still have some more to go. The last months I have been steadily losing around 5 pounds a month. I just started with a better exercise program and at the very least I expect to keep losing at the same rate, which would mean another 15 pounds, or another whole size (my wedding is on August 3rd).

Now, here is the issue. My dress was ordered back on December and since I already wanted to get healthier I ordered a size down (the shop owner discouraged me of ordering any lower) and now the dress is already big. My issue is when should I get it altered? People talk about 2 months in advance, but what's goin to happen when I lose more weight? Dont' know waht to do... I am very motivated now and I don't want to stop working on losing the weight. Suggestions?

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A good seamstress will advise you of how small to have it altered and will get you in 2 weeks before the wedding to make sure that everything fits ok. The seamstress I work with says that shes had some ladies that she had to tell to stop losing weight at a point. Just make sure you make your seamstress aware of your weight goals and your weight loss trends and she should be able to advise you on what to do alterations wise and whether there will be time closer to the wedding to take the dress in more. You also have the option of a corset back, which allows you to lose 2 inches before it becomes an issue.

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Hi Keli, the dress actually has a corset so I guess I could work with that. Thanks for the advise!

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I didn't plan to lose weight prior to my wedding, however, it happened. One week prior to my wedding my seamstress told me to stop losing weight and to "eat a cheesesteak". Lol. I wasn't trying to lose weight so I didn't know how to stop. She was able to do a few last minute alterations 2 days before my wedding. The dress was still a touch big but we pinned it to my bra from the inside. I didn't have a corset back, however, I think that would have really helped. A great seamstress is key.

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You are right. I just have to make sure I have the right seamstress. The one I will be using has been highly recommended so hopefully that will help :) I am not in any kind of crash diet, I have been eating healthier and exercising, trying to not only look good but be healthier and get ready to hopefully have a baby soon after :) I don't want to be unhealthy or overweight when that happens. So as a result of my new lifestyle I have been inevitably losing weight at a , I think, very reasonable and healthy rate. I am definetely not going back to unhealthy habits!

I think I will contact the seamstress this month to set an appointment to see what she suggests.

Thank you girls!

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Hello date twin. I think the PP gave you good advice I am going in for my first fitting in June and after that 2 weeks before the ceremony. You should be fine.

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Hello date twins. i'm glad I came across this posting. I too had been worried about when to get alterations, Im having a totally differnt neckline done to mine. I have been loosing some weight and now am motivated as well. I think based on these readings I will call next week about a first fitting.
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