Creative ways to honor someone??
Hi ladies! Hope everyone is doing great haven't been on here in awhile.. A lot has changed in the past month or so and our wedding is in April now.. So excited! Anyway..

My mother passes away when I was 13 and I was wondering i anyone has seen or has any cool ideas for a way I could honor her? I don't just want a candle I want something different. TIA!

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I think it all depends on what you can emotionally handle..I just did a candle for my mom with a picture of her and flower petals at the reception. I also had a bouquet charm..but some brides have done like putting a single rose in a seat at the ceremony..that would have made me pretty sad although she passed away back when I was could do like a memorial candle lighting past part of the ceremony too if you wanted..or if she had favorite music play it at some point maybe. or favorite flowers.

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Our theme is roses, so for FH grandmother, my uncle, and a friend we have a vase and are putting 3 different colored roses in it. The roses will be the colors that make us think of that person. The vase will be on a table, probably the gift table or the guest book table. I want people to see it, but I don't want it to turn into a funeral... At the end of the night we are giving the roses to FH grandpa, my aunt, and our friends wife.

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Wear something of hers? Jewelry?
Add a little photo charm to your bouquet?

My husbands mom loved butterflies. She died 6 weeks before the wedding. I bought feather butterflies and they were scattered everywhere... in my bouquet, in the BM bouquets and hair, in the boutonnieres. Kinda like her presence was surrounding us.

Anything like that with your mom? Where you could get a charm or something as a symbol?

We also had a seat reserved for her and put a flower on the seat.

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I love all of these ideas...Thank you

Hayley: her favorite thing was the classic Winnie the pooh and her favorite flowers were daisies. I'm sure I could get a Winnie the pooh charm or a with a picture of her or both and incorporate the daisies also.

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My Gma may still have still have some of her jewelry, hopefully. She's been looking.

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My brother passed away a year ago this Feb 18th. I was going to put a flower on a chair at the ceremony. It will still be raw.

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We're having this problem too. My husbands mother, grandfather and grandmother passed away along with my step-mom and my grandfather (we've lost them all in the past 6 years or so). I don't know how to honor them or even if I should? For his mom, we talked about having an empty chair on the front row for her. I told my husband to talk to his dad to see how that would make him feel. I don't want to make him uncomfortable with that. As far as everyone else, I have no clue what to do (if anything)...

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I'm also having a hard time with this. My mom passed away suddenly in October 2010. It's still very raw and it really hurts. I'm not sure how I would be able to handle an empty chair for her place. I'm already crying thinking about it so scratch that. I also don't have many pictures of her. So, I am still thinking about how to honor her.

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My brother passed away in 1996 and I am thinking of doing a rose on an empty chair for him but there is so many ways to honor someone at your wedding but I think it really depends on if your wanting it to just be a private thing for you or if you want everyone to be a part of it. At the ceremony I'm playing "Let the good times roll" by the cars one of his favorite songs and I'm also using an idea that i saw on here with a girl that put her brother's name on the bottom of her shoe so he could walk her down the aisle but I'[m changing it a bit and putting it on the top of my shoe because I don't want to be stepping on his name, IDK just personal preference. I'm sure you will find the right touch.

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Aw, Jennifer - I think the shoe idea is awesome.

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I found this on Pinterest awhile back, and was thinking about doing it.

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Amanda - I really like that. Does anybody know where you can get charms like that?

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We are releasing sky lanterns up into the sky for FH's father who passed away.

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I'm going to do a picture in a frame with a rememberence poem. Something simple for my future hubby to think about his mother. Our wedding date is the day she passed (My future hubby picked it) but he said it wasn't intentional. He hasn't asked me to do anything special but I want to do it to include her in the day but I don't want it to turn into a funeral service. I still haven't told all of his family the actual day just yet, so we'll see what happens.

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