color theme,fuschia, and silver
I just got engaged on Christmas Eve..Me and my FH set our date for April 9,2011...I have switched my color more than 3 times..i really need help with picking out some colors that good for the sring of my closest friend recommended black fuschia and silver..i hope theres anyone who can help me with this one.

Married: 04/09/2011
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Although seasons can help as kind of a starting off point, you can really do whatever color you want whenever you want! Also, if you or your FH have a favorite color, you could start with that. You both could sit down together and make a list of color you love, colors you like, and colors you hate. Eliminate all the colors one of you hates from both of your lists of love and like and then just continue eliminating until you can find colors you want. I hope that is clear lol.

Married: 04/09/2011
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it is clear enough for me
thnxz so much

Married: 06/26/2010
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We are doing black and watermelon

Married: 04/03/2010
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We are doing Black Fushia and white!

Married: 07/02/2011
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We're doing watermelon as well, because my main flower is going to be stargazer lilies(flowers he sent me our first Valentines day) but I'm having trouble choosing a second color. DO I even need 2?

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you can check my inspiration boards. My colors are white, BLING!, Black and pink. It may give you some ideas. :)
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Our display at the Admiral Kidd catering fare was Fushia and kiwi green. Feb. newsletter.

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I decorated a wedding in black, fuschia and lime green. Very hot.
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