Centerpieces?? Pink, Black, Music Notes
I am needing some creative centerpiece ideas for the reception that I can do myself on a tight budget. My colors are a light pink and black (focusing on pink :)) and we have a music note theme. I want something that is different and that doesn't look cheap (like I threw it together myself, lol). Any ideas at all would be awesome. Thanks!

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Maybe you could either buy or download the sheet music (that's the music note part) to your first dance song or the song you choose to walk down the aisle to. Then you could print it on whatever color paper you want and insert it into a clear vase and put pink flowers or pink candles in the vase (there's the pink part). Simple, cheap, and cute.

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If you can find a big music note stencils and on light pink or black cardstock cut them out and in the opposite color ink if you can buy a pink marker or paint pen for the black music notes and use black on the pink ones and use them to write your guests names on alternating colored ones with their table names for a place card idea or do it individually and have smaller music notes maybe a pink and black one on a individual place card with guests names and tables. You can also use the big ones with table names at the tables. You may be able to find black and pink music note balloons (if your venue lets you use balloons) and use those for decor as well.

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Also if you use chocolate in your theme for favors something a friend did once was give out milk chocolate lollipops with music notes on it, if you can find a round lollipop mold in your craft store and the chocolate, sticks, bags, and add pink chocolate melts to white chocolate and find one with music notes you can do something like that with ribbon in pink and black with a tag for your guests. Look at They might have something on there to help you.

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I found a website with all music related chocolate molds for you (wilton didn't have any on there sorry, but they have the round ones). Here's the link

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My friend had a "cinderella" type theme and we did a Silver castle Cut two foam boards of the same height and put slits in them middle of each so they would fit together and stand up in the middle of the table and put tulle in a flowy pattern in the middle of the table setting the castle in the middle, she of course put a small carriage and horse like it was riding up. Perhaps you could use the same concept with Black foam board and make a large black music note, spary it with a pink iridescent spray so it give the music note a pinksheen with a black base, then put pink tulle down on the table flowy like you might twine ribbon and set the music note on top? You could cut the table number into the large black note as a cutout effect if you wanted. actually since the foam board is relatively thick, you could hot glue pink silk cord all around the edges so you don't see the cut marks (You can get all these supplies at walmart really cheap. I hope it helps!

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Thanks guys!! I absolutely love TaraMaries idea! We are going to use that one. Simple and super cute - Just my style! We were also looking at doing chocolate music note favors. We were thinking about ordering them from a site, but thanks to RAO, we will definitely just make our own. Thanks so much!!!

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Also if your site allows confetti on tables, you might be able to find confetti in pink and black music note confetti around votive candle holders. If anyone is crafty and if you have hand painted terracotta flower pots, you can paint them in pink or black and use the opposite color that the whole pot isn't covered in with music notes. I would also say glitter or glitter paint which they make will add a little glitz to the decorations too. The idea of the foamboard is great too.

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I thought of something else cute for your wedding if you're able to do this with the music notes, either on black cardstock in the background and pink cardstock with your guests names and a music note on it or even your names and dates on the back of it with two holes on both sides of the larger card stock instead of a chair sash or chair cover placing it on the back of each guests chairs, if you can't make a music note and tie it with ribbon to the back of your chiars. I saw this on a site someone else posted just looking at the link itself and think it's a classy idea. Let me find the link again and I'll post or send you a message with it. It would defanitely be different and your guests might even love it.

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I'm sorry I can't find it, I did however send the poster of that link a message and as soon as I hear back from her I will post it for you.

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Here's a site for black and white music note ribbon, which you can add a piece of pink ribbon too for favors.

You can also look up curling ribbon too. Light pink and black tulle as overlays for tables and adding string lights to it too would look amazing with your theme. We used tulle to decorate my sister's Bachelorette Party and it was so much fun to work with. Even tulle hanging from the ceiling over the guests looks extremely nice too. I can send you pix if you want to see how we decorated her bachelorette party in those colors (however the pink we used was fuschia, but would look great with light pink)
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Our site has piano place card holder which will be perfect for your music theme.

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I have that link for you for the Chair Sign idea. Either you can do this for you and your hubby for a Sweetheart table or all guests and add musical notes in your colors and use your colors in the card stock and ribbon. I hope this helps.

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sorry I forgot to mention you have to scroll all the way down to where she has it on the first page DYI Simple Chair Signs

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I love the ribbon! It's perfect! The signs were really cute too but I think, we are going to have to rent tables and chairs and so they'll be those metal folding chairs. I was thinking about finding a pink chair cover and tie a black sash around it or something. I am interested in the tulle idea. A pic would be wonderful! Thanks so much for these awesome ideas!

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Not a problem. Your theme is so much fun to think of ideas that might help you out. It's not a problem about the chair signs. I wasn't sure if you were going with chair covers and sashes, where that might be a cute alternative to them.
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