Candy Bar containers/bags
For those of you that are having a Candy Bar at your reception, what are you using for the containers? I checked those little silk bags at the craft stores but they are small.

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Im using the tall cello bags that I found in the candy making isle of the craft store. They are tall and slender, perfect for candy and you can get twist ties or ribbon in your color if you want. YOu can even get decorated bags online or ebay

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Thanks Anne. I will check it out.

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I am thinking about buying full size Hershy bars at Sams Club and using a template I downloaded from the internet to print and "cover" the bars. It is designed to look like a Hershy bar wrap but says "HersnHis" instead of Hershy and has our names. It works well since our colors are brown with accents of pink and green. If you would like, I would be happy to send you a copy of the template I downloaded.

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We are not doing candy but it is an Italian tradition to have a cookie table that guests can choose cookies to take home with them... We got little paper bags in bright pink and light pink from Michael's (I think they were like $2.99 for 12) and we are putting a little stamp on each...

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We are doing a candy bar! We got white paper lunch bag (stylist with silver writting) with our monogram on them. They really look nice. Here is the website:
Good luck!

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I think a pp mentioned that you can buy "Special" candy bars that are wrapped in a wedding design that is personalized. I am considering doing that or having M&Ms with our names and the wedding date on them...Really they are reasonably priced as well-- I bought some bars to give out at the birth of my nephew (instead of cigars) ;-)

Check out:

or the Personalized M&Ms:
They are a bit more expensive, but you can buy them in a bag and you can coordinate them with your wedding colors... or you can buy them in bulk and just put them in bowls as part of your table decorations...

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My friend had a candy bar at her reception and she set out chinese take out style boxes that everyone loved! I'm pretty sure you can buy them at party stores in different colors to match your reception.


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I was in Wal-Mart the other day and they had a huge selection of the Chinese Take-out buckets in assorted colors, some were by the wedding/craft stuff and some were in the seasonal summer stuff.
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