Anyone else making their bouquets out of silk flower's?
I am making my bouquets out of silk flower's and I am running into the issue of the stems being so skinny it doesn't give the "thick" look. Anyone know how to fix this??

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Im doing silks as well, but havent started them yet, but i am also interested in this!

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you can buy foam, stick the flowers through it and wrap it with some ribbon or fabric, secured with pins! go to either your local craft store or even wal mart and you should be able to find the materials for making the bouquets. The foam is usually green or white and you place the flowers the way you want them to look and it gives that "full" look, you can even find ones with handles on them or you can just stick them all the way through a small piece of foam (maybe a cylinder shape) and then wrap them with ribbon. Products////Product Home////UserSearch1=bouquet////crafts&_requestid=843341

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I'm doing silk as well. Where are you getting your flowers from? The ones that I have got so far are from Michaels and a few from Walmart (I've only bought the Better Homes and Gardens brand bc they look just as good as ones from Michaels) The ones that I have gotten the stems are pretty thick, about what I would expect for a real flower stem. You could wrap each individual stem with floral tape so it's still green, and make it as thick as you want it.

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I'm doing fresh for the ceremony but may recreate my fresh bouquet with silks to be displayed with our wedding portrait when we return home. We're traveling 3,000 miles so having fresh shipped - can't depend on shippers/airlines to get fisnished silks to the wedding destination unsmashed - not to mention the cost ;)

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I have been considering doing mine with silk flowers. Jennifer L.'s idea sounds like a good one. I might try it with a small test bouquet and see how it turns out

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I'm not doing silk flowers but I am doing paper flowers...I wrap wire in tissue paper or cheap cloth and then cover it in floral tape to make it thick.

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I'm doing silk flowers too -- but I'm having them made for me (I craft in fabric not flowers!!). The lady I'm using is called AprilHilerDesigns on

She is making all the bouquets(4)/bouts(7) with real feel flowers plus a cheapo toss bouquet, and two pin on corsages for $320 with shipping.

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I bought my flowers from Hobby Lobby. They have thick stems. I also bout the cylinder bouquet holder there and pushed my flowers through so they look thicker. You should buy there, but wait for their 50% sale they have like every other week. I bough stuff for my bouquet, 7 bm bouquets, and my toss for $170. Then I found a lady online to do my corsages and bout. bc I didnt think i could do those. She charged $87 for 3 corsages and 10 bout!!!

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I am doing all silk and my sister did all silk at her wedding in April. Did you put the bouquet together yet? The stems are the same size as if they real flowers. I am just wrapping ribbon around mine and attaching my great grandmother's vintage brooch. If they still seem too thin to you get some foam and attach stems around that. It should bulk it up for you.

PS Love so many other people here are doing silks. I feel like other wedding boards are so snobby about it. And we can keep our flowers forever!

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i plan on doing silk as well. I like the idea of saving them instead of tossing them. FH's bout and the cake topper are going in a shadowbox for display on the wall and my bouq is going to be the in a vase for the week of our anniversary every year!

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i'm doing silk as well, i'm getting mine from JoAnn Fabrics and they have pretty thick stems, like stated above the stem is based off the real flowers, i'm doing roses so my stems are thick just like the real ones. i wanted to do silk right away cause i'm going from outside to inside and i didn't want to have to worry about them wilting and who ever catches them don't have to spary them to make them last.

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Thanks everyone for the advice!!!!
Yeah I am buying mine from Hobby Lobby, too. My stems on my roses are just really skinny. So I am looking into getting a different style rose with the thicker stem. Otherwise it just looks funny to me.

I had no idea about the Foam idea! I am deffinetly looking into that. :) Thanks!

I also found at Hobby Lobby something like where you can put your stem into it and it makes it look like a thicker stem...if that makes any sense! Lol.

I chose silk flower's because I am doing a lot of flower's for my decorations, let alone the bouquets and boutonnieres Lol so it would have been way more expensive if I did real flowers. I already have well over 200 roses for my pomander's alone. LOL EEkk! ;)

I'm so excited though to see the finished product of everything, I will for sure post pics for everyone :)

Thanks again!!!

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I'm doing silk but I am having a 'silk' florist do them. She is handling the (8)bouts, (2)corsages, (20)centerpieces-some tall some short, (6)bouqets, ailse decor, cake/cake table and head table decor for $700

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And my bouquet as well as a toss bouquet

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That is a good deal!

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Is this what you were talking about to make it look thicker? Can you put ribbon around this?

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I am doing my silk bouquet and my FH is doing all of the bouties. Our stems are thick. Actually, they are so darn thick, my FH had to get me a tool from the tool box and he has to help me cut them.

Good luck with your bouquets ladies.

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I'm already married, but since we eloped, we're having a reception celebration in May. I'm planning on using silk flowers for that.

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It is the way to go for saving cash.

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I did mine in silk. and everyone said they love them. My wedding is in June of this year . I went to Hobby Lobby and bought all my single stems at half price. My flowers are long stem and a wrapped . Google How to make a Wedding Bouquet. It will give you step by step instructions. Good Luck. And I LOVE my flowers.
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