I am a commitment phobe!!!!.... with our vendors!
I have been having some serious commitment issues! Thank goodness not with FH but with our vendors. If I am being a nit-picker please call me out!

We met with a potential DJ last weekend and FH really liked him and wants to book him. I wasn't impressed with him. He was knowledgeable, priced right, a preferred vendor with our venue, and has great reviews but something didn't sit right with me... I can't explain it, it's just a feeling. I was less than impressed and he didn't "WOW" me.

When FH called his phone to book him, future DJ answered the phone rudely until he realized it was a potential client then changed his tone. Right now when I emailed future DJ a question he quickly replied but it was a short one word answer, no courtesy “thanks for your email” or “happy to answer that for you”, literally just “answer”

Am I just looking for problems?

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I am like you Corinne, I need the wow factor and it has to sit right with me. I say don't use him and tell him why. Customer service is dead with some people. But for me you need to bring your "A" game!!!!

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Yeah the only thing I feel 100% sure about with this whole process is that I'm marrying the right guy... everything else I hated committing to. You should definetly look around some more if you are having doubts.

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I'd for sure look around for another DJ. That wouldn't set right with me either. Sit FH down and let him know how you feel about the guy. I'm sure he'll understand.

Lee I.
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My fiance is a DJ if you'd like to talk to him =) He actually use to DJ at the clubs in Sdale and has done hundreds of weddings. PM me if you are interested. We now live in Omaha, but he still DJs in PHX and flys out there for weddings, bar/bat matzivahs, sweet 16s, etc.. Just let me know lady =) And if he's rude I'll smack him LOL. jk, he's not rude =)

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Leena good to know! We have two other DJs that our venue recommended that we can check out but if they don't work then I am contacting your FH! :)

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I thought I was the only one, I actually know I do want particular vendors, but it has taken me a long long time to get the contracts back to them, I dont understand this dragging my feet stuff, I know I want to get married, but I just....cant...... committ......to vendors (easily!)

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I have to agree with everybody else. Think about it if he was snappy on the phone, whats he going to be like when hes been standing there for 6 hrs and your Grandmother wants something played? Just because hes a prefered vendor doesnt mean hes good. Some of the prefered vendors with my venue they will admit are terrible but they're local and thats why they're prefered. I say keep looking and find somebody that your comfortable with.
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Customer service is an extremely important issue! ALL your vendors should be professional from the first second to the last.

There is NEVER an excuse for a "one word answer" to an emailed question. I don't care if I'm at the movies with my husband.....if I get an email from one of my brides (my emails come to both my computer and my phone), I step out of the movie and answer it right then, or text her and tell her where I am and ask if I can get back to her in two hours.

I really wish that more brides would consider a good, professional wedding band. (I am not talking about a bar band, I'm talking about a professional band that specializes in playing wedding receptions and other private events.) Truly, a band is not that much more expensive! Because we are playing the music live, we have so much more flexibility to customize your music specifically to you and to what is happening at your reception that very moment. You'd be surprised at the difference it makes!
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LOL, Corinne, I have often wondered how a couple ever made a commitment to each other, but can't make up their minds to book me. Frequently, by the time they decide, another couple has already snapped me up!

I can't tell you why you're dragging your feet, but I can tell you that you're not the only bride doing so!

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Nancy, she isnt dragging her feet. She picked up that something was off with the vendor, and then she was proven right about it. If somebody can be nice to a potiential paying customer they should be in business for them selves at all! People want their weddings to be as close to perfect as they can get thats why its a billion dollar industry. With 8mos to go until her wedding and in the off season, she isnt dragging her feet at all.
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Corinne- go with your gut feeling! I know when I meet a B&G within 5 minutes whether I'll be a good fit for them and vice-versa. You need to be absolutely confident, or at least have no warning flags with a vendor as important to your day as a DJ. A vendor should provide a service but also be excited about sharing your day and the experience. If not, maybe they shouldn't be in this business. If the other vendors on the venue's list don't work out there are plenty of others out there who would love to be a part of your big day.

Congrats & good luck!

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I say listen to your gut
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