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Has anyone tried 21 bridal? Their prices are really reasonable but im not sure because they are overseas. Any inputs? Thanks =)

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I'd say stay away. Most of the overseas, online bridal shops are just bad news. I'm sure Hayley will give her input on this when she sees it.

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i recently found out that ordering oversees charges an international banking fee.....i'd check on that it is by a percentage of the total amount

Mrs. D (formerly Tasha E)
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I think this is one of the sites listed on a post today titled "BEWARE" I can't link from my phone. But you should check it out. We have a bride on here that also just posted recently about her dress she ordered from one of these overseas dealers. They tend to end badly.

Jess and Chris :)
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Jess and Chris :)
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Jess I seen that post. Im sorry that happened to you. Are you getting a new dress or keeping that one?I was scared of that. Thats why I was asking all of you =) It did seem to good to be true :( I tried uploading a photo of it but the website wouldnt let me save the pic. I would much rather pay more and get better quality. Thanks everyone.

Jess and Chris :)
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Im getting a new dress and probably selling or using my crap dress for TTD. If in doubt dont do it. Its much better to try on a dress to see how you like it.

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I am not sure if you are near Houston.. but I found a guy who is making my dress much better than wedding pricing but not as cheap as china... email if you are interested..

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Sorry to hear that Jess. =( Hope the second one is much better.

Lauren, Im far from Houston, Im in Connecticut lol
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