bridesmaids in robes
James Thomas Crocker Photography

Thinking about boosting the bonding time between you and your bridesmaids on your wedding day? You’re not alone—according to the 2019 WeddingWire Newlywed Report, 28 percent of couples do a pre-wedding activity with their wedding party on the morning of their wedding. Yes, it’s one more thing to plan, but the payoff just might be worth it: More time to soak in the joy of the day, make sure everyone in your bridal party is on the same (blissful) page, and tamp down your pre-wedding jitters. Equally important: It’s a perfect thank-you gift for bridesmaids.

Sound good? Check out these ideas for activity ideas for you and your ‘maids on the morning of your wedding.

Go for group yoga.

You and all of your girls should be going into your big day feeling your absolute best, and with a clear head. How better to achieve that level of nirvana than with a quick flow? Yoga is a perfect pick for an activity on the morning of your wedding because it’s something anyone can do, has relaxing effects, and isn’t hard to plan. You can book a studio near your venue for a private class with your besties, hire a yoga instructor to come to your hotel and guide you and your group, or even pull up a yoga video on YouTube and gather the group for a DIY sesh. Whether everyone gets really into it, or you all dissolve into a heap of giggles halfway through, you’re guaranteed to have a good time (and a relatively healthy one, in the context of most other Champagne-fueled wedding activities).

Indulge in a spa morning.

This one’s a no-brainer—beautifying and calming? Check and check. The best thing about this activity for the morning of your wedding is that you and your ‘maids can choose your own adventures—not everyone has to get the same treatments in order to reap the relaxing results. The easiest option would be to head to the spa in the hotel you’re all staying in, but if that’s not available, book a group visit at a local haunt, or look into hiring a group of technicians who can bring the spa to you. You don’t need to be at the Plaza Hotel to have a perfect spa morning with your girls—even something as simple as a masseuse and nail technician can make your living room feel luxe. Have mimosas and snacks on hand to make it an all-inclusive treat. Second bachelorette party? Don’t mind if you do!

Gear up for a fun face-off.

If you and your crew are on the athletic side, you might consider organizing a group game—think volleyball, kickball, golf—to get the blood flowing and the friendly competition brewing. Split your group into two teams, or make things even more interesting by inviting your future spouse and their attendants to be your worthy opponents. This is a smart way to burn off pre-wedding nerves (literally) and get the good-feeling hormones pumping, not to mention, it’ll be fun! Turn it into a game worth winning by including a prize to be given away at the wedding reception, or screw the scoreboard and play just for fun. Either way, I recommend custom jerseys for the occasion—they make amazing wedding-day keepsakes and can be bought cheap online.

Cook brunch together.

You could go out for brunch, but cooking up something together is so much more fun. Pick up the essentials beforehand (go for classics like eggs and pancakes or get fancy with stuffed French toast!) then delegate tasks to your bridesmaids based on what they enjoy doing (if some of them hate cooking, put ‘em on cocktail or coffee duty). You won’t have the time constraints of being at a restaurant, and it’ll let you focus on what’s most important at this moment: Being together, gossiping, and having each other’s backs! This is an especially fitting activity if you’re looking for a way to keep the group occupied while everyone’s hair sets (just sayin’).

Take a hike.

There’s no better nerves-squasher out there than good ol’ fresh air (pair it with the endorphin rush of a good workout and you’re good as gold). That’s why a hike—even an easy one—is a perfect option for those looking to ground themselves with their besties on the morning of your wedding. The brisk walk and beautiful surroundings will get the blood flowing and clear your head, while the bonding experience will put you in a perfect headspace. (It’s helpful to be reminded there’s a big beautiful world out there after you’ve spent months in a wedding planning vacuum.) Plus you’ll get some amazing photos out of it! Hot tip: Make it a sunrise hike for extra “aaaaah.” And try not to fall, obv.