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Offering the very Best in artistic, modern wedding photography.

Photographing people and capturing moments is one of the most personally satisfying experiences I’ve ever had. When the venue is gone, the tuxes are gone, the food is gone, I want you to be able to look at your photographs in twenty, thirty, fifty years and remember the entire day, the emotions you had as you recall each guest. I want your wedding day to be a story that no one will ever forget.

If you have any questions, please email me!

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Regions serviced: New York City

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53 Reviews for Jason Thomas Crocker Photography

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I wish that I could give like a million stars!!! Jason was hands down our favorite and most amazing vendor that we booked for our wedding. Throughout the entire planning process he kept our excitement rolling! He is truly one of the most gifted people and has a talent that is 100% unmatched! There aren't enough adjectives to describe how freaking awesome he was not only on our wedding day, but since the day we met him! Throughout our entire wedding day/night our guests kept coming up to us and telling us how freakin great our photographer was (and we're like duh he's the best!!).

The way Jason captures photos you can tell he loves what he does and his passion just shines. It's like you can feel the emotions of the people he photographs when looking at the pictures and that is something so incredibly rare to find. Jason is not only an amazing photographer, but he is an incredible person. He has a heart of gold and we couldn't be more grateful that he was our photographer to capture our most special day. Jason, THANK YOU so much for being SOOOOO FREAKING PHENOMINAL!!!

Photo of Jason Thomas Crocker Photography in New York, NY
Photo of Jason Thomas Crocker Photography in New York, NY
Photo of Jason Thomas Crocker Photography in New York, NY
Photo of Jason Thomas Crocker Photography in New York, NY
Photo of Jason Thomas Crocker Photography in New York, NY
Profile Picture cassandra, 7/7/18, 1 Review
Category: Photography
Services Used: Digital Files, One Event/Day, Additional Hours, Destination / Travel, Engagement Shoot, High-Res Images

Jason photographed our wedding, and my husband and I agree that it was one of the best decisions we ever made. He was so responsive and friendly leading up to the wedding that we already trusted and felt comfortable with him before we met him. I am camera shy and was feeling very nervous about being photographed all day, but Jason and his team made the portraits feel so easy and fun. He was a relaxing presence and very easy to communicate with. His picture taking never felt invasive or distracting from the event, he just improved the environment and helped everyone feel at ease. He was helpful, professional, and funny throughout the process.

And then we got the pictures back, and we were floored! His work is so beautiful and he really captured the magic of that day so perfectly. He used innovative techniques like shooting through a prism to create otherworldly, ethereal images of us in the woods surrounded by treehouses. He arranged our families effortlessly and made them laugh. He charmed the children and caught their sweet little hugs and bickering on film. He captured our friends and family teary-eyed during the ceremony, blissed out on the dance floor, and belting out songs afterward.

Not only were the formal portraits and action shots amazing, but his attentive eye found so many small details and moments from the wedding that we didn’t get to see until afterward but will really treasure. He has a journalistic style that feels very authentic and unforced – he really took in what was there and created a set of images distilled the essence of that day. My advice to anyone getting married is that your wedding will stream by faster than you can imagine, and there is no better investment than a talented photographer who can freeze some of those moments for you. Jason is your man! We would recommend his to anyone and everyone.

Photo of Jason Thomas Crocker Photography in New York, NY
Photo of Jason Thomas Crocker Photography in New York, NY
Profile Picture tanne, 6/2/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography
Services Used: One Event/Day, Second Shooter, Additional Hours, Destination / Travel, High-Res Images, Multi. Locations, Wedding Portraits, Digital Files, Proofs

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71 Photos


71 Photos
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Jason is a wonderful photographer with a matching personality. His artistic talent and laid back, humorous personality make him the ideal photographer for any occasion. Whenever I am doing makeup for weddings and see Jason, I know it's going to be a great day and the brides will continue to be relaxed.

Jason is very passionate about his work; He does great work and is very easy to work with. The moments Jason is able to capture show his talent for photography! He is definitely someone you should consider when looking at photography companies.


New York, NY 10014   See On Map
347-508-3059 (phone)
Always Open!
Jason Thomas Crocker Photography is a wedding photographer from Cleveland, Ohio. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Akron, Toledo, and Northeast Ohio. Jason Thomas Crocker Photography is a professional wedding photographer that has been part of the Cleveland, Ohio wedding industry for 2 years. We specialize in Photojournalism and Portraiture Wedding Photos.