It’s 100 percent normal to feel stressed as you plan your wedding. It’s an important event, it’s expensive and there are lots of family dynamics that may come to a head during your engagement. Practice some much-needed self-care with a carefully selected mind-body app to help you manage your stress. Whether you need a better night’s sleep, help staying positive or some insight into your hormonal cycles, these free apps are worth a download if you’re struggling to de-stress. These apps offer really simple help, lest you be compelled to turn to more drastic treatments.

Scroll down to see if a mind body app could be the key to helping you manage wedding planning stress.

Insight Timer

If there’s ever a time that would make you wonder if meditation is right for you after all, it’s as you’re wedding planning. Insight Timer is a beginner meditator’s best friend with guided meditations organized by length, topic or speaker. If you’re feeling ready to venture out on your own, you can set the timer, choose the background music and zen out. Calm is an alternative to Insight Timer with guided meditations and self-paced meditations available.

Find What Feels Good with Adriene

Level up your at-home yoga practice with Adriene, a yoga teacher who offers her relaxing yoga content on YouTube and through her mind body app. Stream the videos to your TV or get a few calming poses in from anywhere on your phone or tablet.


This mind body app is a must-have for natural crystal lovers. You’ll find a short description of dozens of popular crystals and stones, along with some tips for how to work with them. You can search by crystal name if it’s something you already own, or by “vibe” if you’re in the market for something new to add to your collection.


Shine is a mindfulness app that helps keep your inner light glowing as you manage wedding planning stress. There’s a daily motivational text and a wellspring of upbeat content to keep your inner voice in check whenever needed, like when you need all the body positivity you can get before wedding dress shopping.


If wedding planning is occupying your weekends, this might be the mind body app you need most. Soothe allows you to book on-demand massages to your home via their network of massage therapists. Plan ahead or decide last-minute that you need to seriously de-stress, and the app works to match you with a therapist who’s ready to see you in about an hour. Beyond Soothe, similar apps offer this type of massage ordering service.

Sleep Cycle

A good night’s rest is an important antidote to stress, but it’s the first thing to go when you have a lot on your mind. Enter Sleep Cycle, the mind body app that tracks and analyzes your sleep routine to figure out, over time, how many minutes you need to gradually wake up in the morning. It’s free, but other paid add-ons expand the app’s functionality.

Nike+ Run Club

Whether you’re pounding the pavement or the treadmill, getting your heart rate up with a run is a cheap and effective way that many couples manage stress. Nike+ Run Club is one of several run tracking apps that track your distance and time, all while rewarding you for achieving important milestones, like your first 5K. Runkeeper and RunGo are similar free running apps.


This period and ovulation tracker is a clutch mind body app to download before your big day. Beyond offering a visual view of your cycle, you can input your daily mental and physical activities to see how they impact your overall wellness—and stress.