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The Best Butt Workout for That Body-Hugging Wedding Dress

Hate squats? Fear not. Follow these moves for the best butt workout you can do at home, no equipment (or squats) necessary.

We love a bride who’s not afraid to show off her figure in a body-hugging wedding dress, whether it’s with a modern sheath silhouette or a dramatic mermaid gown. If you’re rocking curves on the big day, we’re here to help you get ready for your very own Pippa moment with our best butt workout tips.

Ready to feel the burn? WeddingWire partnered with Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness to create an easy, at-home butt workout that you can do in less than eight minutes.

Follow along with the video below as Katie takes you through the best butt workout for a body-hugging wedding dress.

Frequency and Timeline

This is the best butt workout to do at home, whether you want a quick toning session or are creating a full body workout (watch our easy ab workout and arm workout videos for more exercises). For this workout, perform each move for three rounds of 8 to 10 reps, at least three days a week. Start this workout at least six weeks before the big day for optimal results.

Move #1: Bridge Hip Lifts to Single Leg

Start by laying on your back. Your feet should be about hip width apart, with your knees bent. Lift your hips up, pressing your feet into the floor to stabilize your core as you form a bridge position. Squeeze your glutes to engage those booty muscles! Continue raising and lowering your hips for at least 12 reps. After the last rep, hold your hips at the top and do eight “pulses,” focusing on shorter, faster movements. Finally, hold the bridge position as you walk your feet together, closing the gap between your legs. Extend your right leg straight up, then drop and raise your hips for about 10 reps (distribute all of your weight onto your left foot to stabilize). Lower your right leg and repeat the same movement on the left side.

Move #2: Inner & Outer Thigh Series

Inner thigh:

For the second move in our best butt workout routine, roll onto the side of your right hip, extend your right leg in front of you and flex your foot. With your left leg bent and foot planted, balance your upper body using your right forearm. Lift and lower your right leg, working your glute muscle in addition to your inner thigh. Continue for eight reps.  

Outer thigh:

Staying on your right hip, extend both legs straight. Lift and lower your top leg for eight reps. Switch to your left hip and repeat the entire inner and outer thigh series on that side.

Move #3: Donkey Kicks

By now, you should be feeling the burn! Come on to your hands and knees for the next move in our butt workout series. Flex your feet and press your right foot up toward the ceiling while keeping your leg bent. (Tip: Imagine that you’re trying to stamp the ceiling with the bottom of your foot.) Continue for eight reps, then hold your leg lifted as you do eight “pulse” movements — the same exercise that you started with, but shorter and faster. Lastly, repeat the first lift & lower movement, this time crossing your right knee behind your left leg in a “curtsy” motion as you lower. This move is crucial for shaping and rounding out the sides of your booty!

Move #4: Reverse Leg Lift with Knee Tuck

The last move in this wedding dress workout is performed in a standing position. Step back with your right leg into a slight lunge. Balance on your left foot as you lift your right leg up and straight back, contracting the glute muscle for a moment. Lower your leg back down, tap your toe, and then pull your knee forward into your chest. Extend the leg back to the starting position and repeat for 8-10 reps. After the last rep, keep the right leg lifted as you bend and extend your knee, targeting your hamstring and glute muscles. Continue for at least eight reps, then lower and repeat the entire routine on your other leg. If you’re having trouble balancing, hold on to a table, countertop or chair to keep you steady.