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A HIIT Workout at Home to Get Honeymoon-Ready

Push yourself to the limit and achieve full body toning with this intense (but totally effective) HIIT workout at home.

On your wedding day, there’s no better feeling than knowing you look amazing in your wedding dress as you walk down the aisle — and hopefully your S.O. sheds a tear or two as a result, right? But after you say “I do,” it’s time for the honeymoon! Following a HIIT workout at home is the perfect way to get your body in its best shape ever so that you’re ready to get between the sheets or rock that bikini as you jet off to a tropical island as newlyweds.

A high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout focuses on pushing yourself to the limit with 30-second bursts of exercise to rapidly increase your heart rate. Each exercise is followed by a 30-second cool-down period, which helps your body burn more calories during the workout itself and in the hours following. WeddingWire is so excited to partner with Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness to share this full-body wedding dress workout to help you get ready for your walk down the aisle, your honeymoon, and beyond!

Follow along with the video below for our HIIT workout at home.

Frequency and Timeline

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. All five exercises = one set. Do four sets for the full workout, resting for one to two minutes between sets. For best results, follow this workout three or four times a week, starting at least eight weeks before the big day.

Move #1: Army Crawlers

Begin in a forearm plank position. Balance on your toes if it’s comfortable, or come down to your knees if you need a modification. Starting with the right side, straighten and press up on one arm, then the other, briefly coming into a full plank/push-up position. Lower down onto your forearms one by one, then repeat for 30 seconds. Your feet stay in one place throughout this exercise. Keep your core tight with your hips tucked under and facing the floor — don’t arch your back!

Move #2: Lunge Jumps

Stand up in a lunge position, with one leg slightly bent in front of you and one behind. As you jump up, quickly switch your legs, landing with the opposite leg in front. Pause for a brief lunge after each jump and continue for 30 seconds, focusing on speed and height. If you need to modify this move, you can do it without the jump. Start in a lunge position and alternate stepping your legs back and forward, one at a time. Modification or not, this is a great exercise for toning your booty and legs!

Move #3: Bear Crawls

For the third move in this HIIT workout at home, start in a “tabletop” position on your hands and knees. Use your core muscles to lift your knees off the floor, keeping your toes and hands planted in place. Crawl forward with your left hand and right foot, followed by your right hand and left foot (think: opposite knee and hand). Move forward for two crawls, then reverse back. Remember to keep your knees off the floor at all times! Continue for 30 seconds to really target your ab muscles.

Move #5: Burpees

The last move in this wedding dress workout starts in a full plank position, with your arms straight and hands directly under your shoulders. In a fluid motion, hop your feet forward as you stand up. Once you’re fully standing, quickly jump straight in to the air. Place your hands back onto the floor and hop your feet back to the starting plank position. Continue nonstop for 30 seconds. If you need a modified version, step your feet forward one at a time instead of hopping. Then, stand straight up for a moment before you lower back down to a plank.