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4 Backless Wedding Dress Workout Moves You Can Do at Home

This 4-minute backless wedding dress workout is our go-to for toned triceps and strong shoulder blades.

Wearing a backless wedding dress is a great way to show a little bit (or a lot) of skin on your big day. Whether you’re opting for illusion lace details to provide a bit more coverage, or are daring to bare everything in a low-backed dress, feeling confident is key to nailing the look. Following a backless wedding dress workout is the best way to get in shape and boost your bridal glow before walking down the aisle!

WeddingWire is so excited to partner with Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness to show you exactly to tone your upper and lower back muscles — without ever leaving your house — to rock that backless wedding dress like a star.

Follow along with the video below for a backless wedding dress workout you can do at home. 

Frequency and Timeline

For best results, start this backless wedding dress workout at least six to eight weeks before your wedding day. Perform each of the exercises for three or four rounds (10-12 reps each time) at least three days a week.

Move #1: Plank Pockets

Start in a full plank/push-up position (or kneeling plank, to modify). Keep your core tight and tucked under, with your hips stable and squared to the floor. Hands should be stacked beneath your shoulders. Lift your right arm, tapping your hand to your right hip. Place your right hand back down and repeat the same move on the left side. Continue alternating sides for 10 to 12 reps (times) while squeezing your shoulder blades.

Move #2: Super Women

This move is great for targeting not only your shoulders and upper back, but for your lower back as well. Lie down on your stomach with your arms reached out in front of you and legs extended behind you. Inhale as you lift your arms and legs off the floor at the same time, slightly arching your back to achieve a “flying” position. Hold still with everything lifted for two or three seconds, then slowly lower your arms and legs back to the floor. Repeat 10 to 12 reps. On the last rep, kick your arms and legs in a swimming motion for 10 counts.

Move #3: Tricep Dips

The next backless wedding dress workout move can be done using a low stool, bench, exercise block, or without any equipment at all. Sit on the floor and place your hands behind you, with your fingers pointed toward your hips. Extend your legs in front of you with feet flexed. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees, lowering your body closer to the floor in a reverse push-up motion, and then straighten your arms to engage your triceps (the muscles on the back of your arms). Repeat this exercise for 10 or 12 reps at a comfortable pace.

Move #4: Lateral Pull-Down

The final move is one of the easiest, most effective arm and back exercises with weights (but it can also be done without weights!). While kneeling or standing, reach your arms straight overhead. Alternate pulling down with each arm, squeezing your elbow close to your side and pressing back upwards. Repeat for 10 to 12 reps. Finish by extending your arms overhead and pulling them down together for four counts.