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9 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day From Afar

If you and Mom can't be together this Mother's Day, there are still ways to show your love. These creative long distance Mother's Day gifts and ideas are sure to make this holiday a memorable one.

woman at computer
Evgeniy Zhukov/Shutterstock

woman at computer
Evgeniy Zhukov/Shutterstock

Whether you and your Mom are separated by a few blocks or many states, Mother’s Day is going to look a bit different this year. Social distancing means that many families won’t be able to get together for the second Sunday in May, so coming up with creative long-distance Mother’s Day gift ideas may be the best solution. Turns out with a little forethought, you can give your Mom a memorable Mother’s Day even if you’re apart. And yes, even if you’re reading this on the night before Mother’s Day, there are several last-minute ideas here that will still totally impress your Mama (or your mother in law!).

These long distance Mother’s Day gifts and ideas are ideal if you’re celebrating the holiday from afar this year.

Recreate a spa day at home.

If Mother’s Day usually means a trip to the spa for you and your Mama, why not try to recreate the experience from your separate domiciles? Send Mom some fun face masks, a manicure/pedicure set, candles, and more and then set up a Zoom or FaceTime session so you can enjoy some time “together” while pampering yourselves.

DIY your gift.

Ever since you brought home that ceramic handprint from preschool, Mom has always loved your creations. If you’re able to take the time to make and send Mom a special gift, like paint-by-number artwork, potted plants or flowers, beaded jewelry, or tie dyed clothing, go for it. Edible treats, like baked goods, are also a possibility if you live near Mom.

Send brunch or a picnic.

The most common family Mother’s Day outing is a trip to a favorite restaurant for brunch. Find out if your usual brunch spot is offering takeout, and order Mom’s favorite dishes for her to enjoy on the big day. If you’re too far away to pick up and drop off the meal, see if a local family member or friend can help out or if the restaurant will deliver. To add a fun long distance Mother’s Day gift to the equation, send a picnic basket complete with blanket and other accessories so that Mom can enjoy her meal outside (or indoors if the weather doesn’t cooperate!).

Surprise her with a virtual party.

Some of the best long distance Mother’s Day gift ideas aren’t tangible gifts at all, but special experiences your Mama will never forget. Hosting a surprise virtual party for Mom on Mother’s Day is sure to be a memorable event. If you have siblings, especially if they’re scattered across the country (or world!), work together to plan a virtual celebration—you can also include other relatives, family friends, and other important people in Mom’s life. Pretend that it’s a Zoom call with just one sibling, but when Mom dials in, a bunch of loved ones are waiting. During the party, each guest can say a few words about why your Mom is so special—as a mother and as a person.

Watch a movie “together”.

If Mom prefers a quiet night in, why not schedule a movie night where you can watch a new film together? Pick a movie neither of you have seen before (Little Women is an easy choice), and have one person play the movie on their computer and share their screen so both parties can watch at the same time. You can even send Mom some special snacks to enjoy while watching the film—and spend some time discussing the movie afterwards.

Schedule a virtual workout.

Finding fun ways to exercise while staying at home can be difficult—so why not be your Mom’s workout buddy for the day? If Mom likes to take walks around the neighborhood, plan to walk at the same time and chat on the phone throughout. If you both enjoy home workouts through a streaming service like Aaptiv, Peloton, Zumba, or Obe Fitness, take a class at the same time. Or, you can find a workout on YouTube to do together.

Make a photo slideshow or album.

This is a long distance Mother’s Day gift that is sure to bring a tear to Mom’s eye. Work with your siblings and relatives to gather old family photos and videos and edit them together using a service like Animoto or Smilebox to create a special slideshow. Then, schedule a Zoom call to present the slideshow and see Mom’s reaction. Another option is to create a photo album featuring favorite family photos—Shutterfly and Mixbook make the process super-simple.

Create a special playlist.

Music has a way of bringing back special memories, whether it’s singing at the top of your lungs in the car or dancing at your wedding. Pick songs that have special meaning to you and your mom and create a Mother’s Day playlist for Mom to enjoy while celebrating the day.

Go for the old standbys.

There’s a reason why flowers are a classic Mother’s Day gift—there’s nothing like a beautiful arrangement to brighten up a home. And seeing that many florists are struggling with the postponement of many weddings, sending that bouquet can help support a small business while bringing a smile to Mom’s face.

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