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How to Stay Healthy for Your Wedding

Try out some of these tips to stay cool, calm and collected throughout the wedding planning process.

bride relaxing with champagne

bride relaxing with champagne

Photo: averyhouse

Planning a wedding is one of the most memorable—and busiest—times in your life. From engagement and bachelorette parties to planning your seating chart and selecting centerpieces, all the big and small details can be stressful. It’s important to stay happy and healthy while you plan for your big day, so you’ll be able to maintain your energy and feel great.

Commit to an exercise plan

Following a wedding workout regimen will not only help you look fabulous, it will also reduce stress. Put aside the planning several times a week to exercise and let go of any wedding worries. Be sure and pick something you love so you’ll stick with it. If you hate to jog, don’t do it! Find an exercise that you actually enjoy, whether it’s running, cycling, yoga, dancing, a team sport, or something else. “Exercise can help clear your mind when you’re planning your wedding and helps you feel better about yourself,” says Natalia Millan, a SoulCycle instructor in Washington, DC. “It’s great to do during your wedding planning and keep it up after!”

Follow a fresh and healthy diet

“Wedding planning and preparations can be extremely stressful and you may find yourself craving those comfort foods that aren’t so great for your fitness goals,” says Susie Zender, a certified personal trainer with VIDA Fitness in Washington, DC. “Maintaining a healthy diet will help you recover from your workouts better and manage the stress.” Aim for a healthy mix of lean proteins, whole grains, lots fruits and veggies, limited alcohol and plenty of water—with some splurges (like your wedding cake tasting!) thrown in for sanity.

Enlist help

Eat right and exercise for stress relief. Sounds easy enough, right? But these day-to-day priorities can often fall to the wayside when planning a wedding. If your wedding budget allows, book a session with a nutritionist to help you set up energy-boosting eating habits and a personal trainer who can put you on the right path to your fitness goals. “This is such an exciting time in your life and you should be the best version of you on your big day,” says Jill Stump, a certified personal trainer who works with many brides at her exercise studio FitOne in Alexandria, Va. “Let a certified trainer and nutritionist help you establish a plan that works with your lifestyle and your budget during this time.”

Plan for couple time

Your fiancé(e) can also help you stay on track (and vice versa!) as you plan for the big day. “Taking on the process together helps to create a strong bond leading up to the big event,” says David Rosenbaum, a certified personal trainer with Veluxe, an on-demand beauty and wellness app. “You’ll feel extremely accomplished knowing you did that leading up to your first major life event as a couple.”

bride looking in mirror

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Make it about mind, body, and soul

Staying healthy throughout the wedding planning process is about more than a strict diet and exercise plan. Don’t forget to get Zen, too. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, massage or an appointment with an acupuncturist, make sure and give yourself some me-time. “In addition to exercise and diet, you should also aim to incorporate some sort of mental or spiritual program into your routine once a week,” says Stump. “This can help balance all the physical stress from the exercise with the emotional stress that wedding planning can cause. Pick something that you enjoy and try to schedule it once a week just for you with no distractions.”

Look beyond the wedding

A wedding is one of the most obvious times to start a diet and exercise regimen, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Remember, the wedding is one day, but you and your fiancé have a whole life together to look forward to. So yes, sweat it out and cut some calories, but mostly focus on the fun. “Everyone wants to look their very best on the big day, but sometimes brides put too much pressure on the wedding day itself instead of thinking about their health and fitness goals as lifelong and sustainable,” says Danielle Devine-Baum, a master instructor and creative director for Flywheel. “My biggest piece of advice is to think of the wedding day as a mile marker for your goals, but about the years ahead as well. If you’re going to spend the time and effort to make major lifestyle changes, why not aim to see the positive impact of your hard work for years to come?”