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7 Ways To Make A Big Wedding Feel Intimate

If you’re worried a large celebration may result in fewer intimate and special moments, don’t stress! Here are some ways to make your wedding a little more personal.


Having a big wedding is a great way to celebrate your marriage in style. If you’re worried a large celebration may result in fewer intimate and special moments, don’t stress!

Here are some ways to make your grand-scale wedding a little more personal.

Table Layout
A larger guest list likely means a more crowded reception space, which can make it hard for your guests to socialize. Assigning tables will help diffuse clusters and will encourage guests to mingle and celebrate together. Also, assigning tables instead of seats will prevent any of those unwanted awkward silences. Guests can choose to sit by those they know at the table and talk about your wedding (like how beautiful your color scheme is!)

Family-Style Meals
While a buffet style allows for guest to pick and choose what they want to eat, it can take away from conversations. If you want your wedding guests to feel included and engaged, then consider serving a family-style meal. That way everyone is sitting and eating all at once, which allows for conversations to flow.

All About That Ambiance
Having the right lighting can make everything look and feel more elegant. Guests will be able to appreciate the time you spent picking out that gorgeous white rose centerpiece if the right lighting is used. Set the mood for your wedding by dimming the lights and decorating your reception tables with candles and warm-colored linens. The warm colors will help absorb light while the candles will create the perfect romantic atmosphere for your wedding day.

Personalize Your Decor
Create displays and signs that tell your wedding story. Guests will love reading little details about how you two met and it is a fun way for you as a couple to reminisce on all the memories leading up to your big day!

Adding family-owned items to your wedding décor is a great way to make your big day personal and intimate. Whether you want to pay tribute to your parents by placing family photos at your guestbook table, or you wear your grandmother’s jewelry, it will definitely add some sentimental value to your wedding.

Lounge areas are perfect for providing some quiet time during your reception. Have a lounge where guests can get away from the music and be able to relax together. This is also a great opportunity for you as a couple to spend time with some of your guests in a more exclusive environment. Older guest will likely appreciate this too!

Giving guests favors allows you to thank them for being a part of your big day. This is the last thing that guests will remember from your wedding day, so why not add a special touch to it? Personalize your favors by writing a little note on each.