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What kind of gift do I buy for the Flower girl and Ring bearer?

Ms. G, on March 19, 2011 at 10:41 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 25
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Help anyone?


  • Michelle
    Devoted November 2011
    Michelle ·

    I was going to take mine to disney on ice or chucky cheese and they give them like a cute lil something like a bookbag or something when i give out the gifts so they dont feel left out

  • Spunky kraut
    Expert July 2011
  • Sarah
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    Sarah ·

    It really depends on their age and what they're into. Our RB is 7 and the FG is 9. I got the FG a really cute doodle book with a set of markers and put them in a cute little "purse" for her. FH got the RB some legos.

  • Katie
    Devoted July 2011
    Katie ·

    The flower girl and ring bearer are my little cousins, ages 4 and 5. We are going to be making a little goodie bags for them filled with things they can do at the ceremony and reception. I'll probably have a coloring book and crayons, little toys, disposable camera, and a stuffed animal or doll of some sort. I will probably make a personalized T-shirt for both of them as well to change into at the reception.

  • Summer
    Expert November 2011
    Summer ·

    My FG (age 6) and RB (age 6) are my son and daughter. I am going to buy them matching "Jerseys" from davids bridal... they will wear those for rehearsal they are shown here:

    For the rehearsal dinner / gift giving I think I am going to do these:

    Pink for her, blue for him and fill it with a bunch of goodies that they will love like cars and legos for my son and crayons and stuff for my baby girl.

    Good Luck

  • dragonfly726
    Master October 2011
    dragonfly726 ·

    We have 3 FGs and 2 RBs. For our FGs we got them sweaters to wear with their dresses, and I made them each a pearl necklace. We bought our RBs silver piggy banks from Kohls and came in under budget (only $13.50 each with a coupon) so I'm making up the difference in quarters for them to put in their banks.

  • WriterWifeChick
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    WriterWifeChick ·

    We decided we would purchase the attire for the flower girl and ring bearers so they get to keep all of that then I decided Im gonna make them cute little thank you baskets with these things in them

  • WriterWifeChick
    Dedicated August 2018
    WriterWifeChick ·

    I hit the post comment button to fast, but here's the rest

  • WriterWifeChick
    Dedicated August 2018
    WriterWifeChick ·

    Last one! oh and its all from davids bridal

  • Ms. G
    Super April 2011
    Ms. G ·

    Oh these are sooooooooo cute!!!!

    DB has all that stuff? wow...gotta check it out.

    I love all these ideas!!! Thank you so much!!

  • D
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    Donna ·

    I'm framing a poem for my flower girl and giving her a hankie with it. This is the poem with her name as the title:

    You are so very young but the years will pass by,

    And you’ll too be a bride in the blink of an eye.

    While you may not remember the day that I married,

    The part that you played or the basket you carried.

    There will be a day that will burn bright like an ember,

    The day you will wed, you will always remember.

    So here is a hankie for the day you will say…

    “I need ‘something old’ for my wedding day.”

    June 11, 2011

  • Anita
    Super August 2014
    Anita ·

    Well when by the time i get married my ring bearer whos my Grandson will be 2 and my flower girl who is my great neice will be 2 1/2 so i was going to get both of them an outfit and some type of toy.

  • Ms. G
    Super April 2011
    Ms. G ·

    @ Donna....that is so touching!! awwww

    The ring bearer can get a piggy bank with poem saying

    You watched me get married - start saving in a hurry......

    (i can't right poems but I was just saying.....)

  • E
    Just Said Yes June 2012
    Elizabeth ·

    @Donna C., okay that made me a little teary-eyed! I love it!

  • binx
    Master August 2010
    binx ·

    I got my 4year old cousin an expendable necklace with her initials on it. It's simple but she'll be able to wear it for a few more years. Clicked the button for her!

  • Tiggopotomus
    VIP April 2011
    Tiggopotomus ·

    I got my RB a t-shirt that says "Ring Security" on the back. It's cute but I don't have a picture. My FG I got an engraved locket from Things Remembered.

  • LaDonna
    Devoted April 2011
    LaDonna ·

    I am making my gifts to them... Were big crafters in our family so a lot of my wedding had be diy... Im making my flower girl who is my niece and god daughter a bracelet with pink swarovski crystal beads, star shaped pearl beads, with a silver star shaped beads with a clear swarovski crystals in them. I also got her a little clam shaped pearlized trinket box to go along with the bracelet...

    My nephew is going to be the "flower girl escort" we didnt want him to feel left out so we gave him a job too... Im buying the letters of his name made of wood and the base to set them on and Im painting them in different types of camoflauge since my bro (their daddy) is in the Army! Whooah!

    Im still undecided on what to do for my son who is our ring bearer... I did get him a shirt that says "official ring bearer" and on the back "ring security" with a little badge to go with it...

  • Hayley C™
    Master March 2008
    Hayley C™ ·

    One of my favorite ideas was to give them little "bribes" at the ceremony. I gave the parents little canvas bags with "goodies" inside. You can paint their names on it, or get some cute iron on patches. I filled it with little toys from the dollar store: coloring book, crayons, small doll, cars, stickers, sun glasses, Clean Snacks (gummies, gold fish) etc. It helps get the kids down the aisle, and gives them something to amuse themselves with during the ceremony - and stuff for the reception if they are invited to dinner.

  • D
    Devoted June 2011
    Donna ·

    If you go to they have many poems for your whole bridal party. I'm giving everyone in my bridal party one framed as a gift.

  • D
    Devoted June 2011
    Donna ·

    Our ring bearer is our 2 year old son so we also found him a poem and on the bottom of the page we put a picture of elmo because he is our sons favorite.

    How lucky we are to have a ring bearer

    Who's so cute in every way.

    Someone who knows how to walk down an aisle

    And steal everyone's heart away.

    So thank you for being our ring bearer,

    And helping to lead the way.

    But thank you most of all for helping

    To make ours a perfect wedding day.

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