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What kind of gift do I buy for the Flower girl and Ring bearer?

Ms. G, on March 19, 2011 at 10:41 PM

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Help anyone?

Help anyone?


  • Jayden'sMom
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    Jayden'sMom ·

    I was going to make them tie blankets in their favorite color or with their favorite thing (ie horses) on them. It would last them until forever. I was also going to get them WillowTree figurines (as was everyone else) so they could still feel like part of the party.

    But now-I am not as we aren't doing the big wedding anymore. But I may still send them a WillowTree figurine anyway just as a thank you but I haven't decided yet.

  • irin997
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    irin997 ·

    We just ordered personalized beach towels from Pottery Barn Kids for our 2 ring bearers and flower girl. We wanted to get them something that they would use and was not wedding related. I think they will love them, plus a month and a half after the wedding is our big family trip to the Outer Banks!

    RB #1 is 5 and has the Star Wars towel (his current obsession). RB #2 is 17 months and has the alligator wrap. FG is almost 4 and of course has the hula girl towel.

  • Ms. G
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    Ms. G ·

    You ladies are sooo creative....i def wanna do the poem thing with one these cute ideas....

  • Sybrina Durant
    October 2019
    Sybrina Durant ·

    Here's something new for the ring bearer and all of the other young boys in the wedding party.

  • A
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    Anita ·

    Check out for some lovely handmade flower girl jewelry

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