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What is your budget?

Event Lady, on September 1, 2013 at 5:36 AM Posted in Planning 0 40
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So I have just started researching for my wedding in 2015. I am wondering what is a reasonable budget for everything. I know it depends on a lot of different factors, but what did you/will you spend? I was looking into the catering and found that with drinks, hors d'ourves, and food I'm at $125 per person!! I think we will have around 100 people there so you do the math! Is spending a boat-load an inevitability? I will be looking around for budget items too.


  • Lauren K
    Super September 2013
    Lauren K ·

    We are at about 33-35k? Lost track a bit but half is our venue/food

  • adilou
    Expert June 2015
    adilou ·

    Our budget is 10k. BUT.. FH's parents are paying for half and for the bar, so i guess we are actually at 20k. ugh. it is definitely as expensive as people say it is!

    but there are TONS of budget-friendly things you can do -starting with taking a close look at the guest list. we are starting to set up venues now - catering is definitely the biggest cost so far. venue is very close behind that.

  • T-Rex
    Master August 2013
    T-Rex ·

    5-6k. We're having 120 people, but paying 125pp for me is out of the question. I'm paying for everything myself and don't make that much money.

  • Elaine
    Expert October 2013
    Elaine ·

    We started out at $30K but I think we are more at $35K which is in the average range for my city.


    The biggest chunk is the venue and catering but many couples have been able to budget much lower and stick with it.

  • Jessica
    Dedicated September 2015
    Jessica ·

    We started out at a 27k but after a serious sitdown about what WE wanted FH confessed that he wanted a cruise wedding so we literally cut our budget in half and now he's happy so I'm happy because we are both getting what we want

  • Kate
    Master December 2013
    Kate ·

    My parents have me a 25k budget (so blessed) but I am keeping it under 20

  • Rebecca
    VIP June 2014
    Rebecca ·

    We started out at 20K (which in our area its usually 20-35K) I think right now we're at about 21K but that could go down if people decline since most of the cost is the catering.

  • MrsC
    VIP January 2014
    MrsC ·

    I started at 60k but will likely end up around 75k since I keep adding things.

  • Celia Milton
    October 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    It honestly depends on what you want to do. I am in North Jersey. For either an off premise caterer in a venue or a catering hall/reception venue, you're going to be looking at upwards (and in some cases, way upwards) of 100.00 per person plus tax and gratuity. Most venues also have minimums, and usually it's 120 or more guests.

    So there's half or more of the budget. Once you start adding plasma tvs, limos, std's, postage and every other tiny thing you either need or not, it skyrockets, which is fine if that's the way you want to celebrate. It's really your decision.

    Make a list of priorities, cut everything off that you really don't care about, or added just because you think you 'should' (for instance; no one did STD's 10 years ago. It doesn't sound like much but all those 100,200, 300 buck expenses add up like crazy. No one did rhinestone hoodies for the bridal party. Theres another hundred or more.

    Keep the guest list small, keep the bridal party small, it'll help.

  • Lillian
    VIP November 2013
    Lillian ·

    We started with our budget at 25k, and we are around 30; but like most people said more than half of my budget is the venue.

  • Nay
    Master August 2014
    Nay ·

    Our budget is $20k and that includes our second honeymoon. Hubby and I are paying for everything ourselves. We're at approx $120 pp and our event is is North Jersey and we have a small guest of 68. Like said above biggest chunk is our venue which is also doing the catering.

  • HalloweenBride
    Master October 2013
    HalloweenBride ·

    A reasonable budget is different for every single person. It depends on your area, and what you want your wedding to be, how much you can honestly afford, etc.

    When all is said and done, our wedding will cost about $8,000. FSIL's wedding probably cost around $40,000.

    Our three entree buffet, which includes rolls, coffee, lemonade, water, two salads, a potato, and a veggie, is $13 a person. She probably spent $200 per person. I think $200 is astronomical! The food was good, but I could go to any nice upscale restaurant and get the same thing for $40 to $50.

  • Alejandra
    Master May 2014
    Alejandra ·

    We want to stay at or under 8k for everything with 50-65 guests. Our venue is $74 per person but includes ceremony space with set up, private cocktail hour area, reception room, appetizers, open bar, dinner, DJ, florist, invitations, all the tables/dinnerware/linens, etc.

    That will leave us about 2-2.5k for an officiant, photographer, FH's tux, my shoes and probably more things I can't think of now lol the only thing our families are helping with is the cake which my dad will pay for, but that's the way we wanted it

  • Mrs. C
    VIP September 2013
    Mrs. C ·

    You can do a wedding on any budget. That being said, you obviously can't do EVERYTHING on every budget. It depends on your area, what you want, how many guests, etc.

    At the very beginning, I didn't want to go over $15,000. Then, I decided I absolutely, positively do not want to go over $20K. I just don't want to spend that kind of money on one day. We are just over $19K at the moment :/ I'm guessing we'll hit $20K, but I just don't want to Our guest list is big (FH has a HUGE family, and Mine's not super small), and we have lots of close friends. We are only inviting family, friends we hang around with and parent's close friends, and our invite list was 420. We thought we'd have a count of just over 200, but it's at 233, and we have just over 100 people who haven't RSVP'ed yet, and of those 100, I'm guessing around 40 of them are going...so we'll be closer to 300 than 200.

  • TooManyMistys
    Master June 2014
    TooManyMistys ·

    Up to 7K without the honeymoon.

  • Chrissy
    Expert June 2014
    Chrissy ·

    We're hoping to be around $20,000, but that includes the honeymoon and wedding bands. We're planning on 100-115 guests. It'd be a little lower, but we lost some deposits after deciding to move the wedding to our hometown.

  • D1
    Master October 2013
    D1 ·

    Our venue is $89 pp full service (except alcohol) for 100 people. Additional guest are $18 pp. We expect to have about 120 people.

    Our goal was 10K for venue and alcohol - we are at about 11K. All in we are close to 15K.

  • LovelyBride430
    Super September 2013
    LovelyBride430 ·

    $30K including honeymoon!!

  • LG
    Master October 2014
    LG ·

    We decided about 12k and so far have had no issues. Our venue is about $60 a person and we are at about 120 people. We are doing a lot DIY too which cuts cost a bit.

  • Future Mrs. Coombs
    VIP March 2014
    Future Mrs. Coombs ·

    We started at $15k. After we started planning and getting numbers, we seriously sat down and realized that all we wanted to do was get married in our favorite city (Atlanta, GA.) We decided to have an intimate ceremony with 10 guests (6 of which are our wedding party.) We went from $15k to $1,500

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