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Postponing - But still getting marring on your original date?

Cori, on May 11, 2020 at 2:19 PM Posted in Community Conversations 2 3

Hey all,

As we get closer to our planned 8/1/20 wedding, it's seeming less and less likely that we are going to be able to have the day that we have envisioned and the way we planned it. My fiance and I have both agreed that we want to get married on August 1 no matter what, but will likely postpone our original plans until next year. Our venue has been awesome, and as long as we reschedule, we won't have any additional fees or lose the money we have put down so far. We are relieved that we will get to have the wedding that we spent so much time planning, but, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of having two "ceremonies". In some ways, it feels strange to have a ceremony next year, after we have been officially married for a year, but it feels even stranger to not have the ceremony we planned with all of our friends and families present.

For those of you that are choosing to postpone the celebration, but still get married on your original dates ... what are you planning to do for your celebration? Will you still have your traditional wedding ceremony? Will you do a vow renewal? Or will you skip the ceremony all together? I would love to hear what other people are thinking!


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  • Hillary
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    Hillary ·
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    We got married on our original date in April and will do a vow renewal next year.
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  • Nicole
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    Nicole ·
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    We’re also doing the same, getting married on 8/1/20 civil wedding and postponed our church wedding/reception to 4/17/20. I was iffy at first too, but we’re so excited to have two different types of weddings now. I’m excited because our civil wedding will be more intimate, I get to wear a different type of dress, and we hired our photographer to still capture the day. I think everyone will be understanding since no one expected covid to happen. I think our guests will be just as excited to celebrate our wedding even though we’ll already be married.
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  • Amy
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    Amy ·
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    Hi Cori,

    It's great to hear that you and your fiance are on the same page regarding plan B. Smiley ring

    Many couples are considering the option of hosting two events--the specifics vary significantly. (And some are strongly opposed to referring to their larger wedding as a vow renewal. It's still the main wedding, but it has to be postponed due to a global pandemic.) There are several ongoing discussions on the subject of ceremony now/reception later OR elopement now/full wedding later. Check out these posts:

    Covid-19: Marriage now, wedding later?

    Covid19 Brides still getting married on original date?

    Small ceremony now, big wedding later

    Etiquette in the time of coronavirus?

    I'm Eloping because of Covid-19.. can i still do all of the traditional events?

    If you want to consider your options and next steps, WeddingWire has created a ton of resources here: Our COVID-19 Weddings Advice Guide. I'm wishing you the best of luck with whatever you decide! Smiley heart

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