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May 2018 Brides

Christina, on December 5, 2017 at 8:50 PM Posted in Planning

Where are my May 2018 brides? I have 150 days and counting! The stress is becoming real especially around the holidays! I just sent out my STD today! Do y'all have all your vendors booked? Still debating on a videographer.



  • hannnnahhhh
    VIP May 2018
    hannnnahhhh ·

    Yes we've had everything booked for a while! Just hit us it's exactly 5 month away!

  • Amanda
    Super May 2018
    Amanda ·

    All major vendors are booked - we're on the fence about a videographer also, but really it just comes down to budget when we get closer. I might pass on it.

    Next up is registry, booking our honeymoon, and finalizing the menu with our venue!

  • Ms.Fox
    VIP May 2018
    Ms.Fox ·

    All major vendors booked except hair! Going to two trials in the following weeks. Need to order invites and book a honeymoon!

  • K
    Devoted May 2018
    Kaitlin ·

    We have mostly everything booked so far for ours, but I'm still trying to find a dress. I think I'll be more relaxed once I do. Still debating if we want a videographer for just the ceremony part or the whole thing though.

  • Christina
    Savvy May 2018
    Christina ·

    Yes we still have to book a honeymoon as well! My dress should be here by the end of the year! I'm excited and nervous!!

  • A
    Savvy May 2018
    Aneesa ·

    I have the same date and so far I don't feel stressed out . Even though I still don't have everything planned out. Maybe it just hasn't hit me yet I am sure it will feel more real after the new year.

  • Victoria
    Savvy May 2018
    Victoria ·

    We hardly have anything done. Our wedding is at the end of the month, and i feel like we're way behind. We have venue, my dress, and photographer. We will have caterer, dj, and photo booth soon. Can't seem to find a good HMUA. Still trying to decide if we want a vjdeographer or not. And still need to book our honeymoon.

  • Jessica
    Beginner May 2018
    Jessica ·

    Wow exactly 5 months! I just realized that too! Got the cake and DJ checked off today and already have venue. Going dress shopping tomorrow...I know I'm behind on that. Still feel like I need so much but I'm sure it will come together. Time is really flying.

  • Rachel
    Super May 2018
    Rachel ·

    HOLY MOTHER of ... I read this and was like "May 2018, glad I'm not that close... wait...." and then I had a minor panic attack in which I remembered our wedding is indeed in May. 5 months and 5 days from now.

    Most Major vendors booked, sending STDs this weekend, and debating and figuring out details (like all of them). I feel like we still have so much to-do. We still need to coordinate with the florist, figure out transportation, book another set of rooms, look for bakers, figure out our officiant.... bleh... so much.

  • NancyCtoA
    Devoted May 2018
    NancyCtoA ·

    All major vendors booked. Just had our final tasting, planned the menu and created the timeline for the day. Going shopping for MOH dress on Monday (she wanted to wait because of post-pregnancy weight). STDs went out over the weekend. Invitation proofs are being finalized. Found awesome people for hair and makeup.

    And FH is now looking at tuxedos... he has surprised me by getting into that AND asking me to come along when he goes to try things on. He is catching on that we have a color theme and he doesn't want to screw it up. Lol

  • Danielle
    Dedicated December 2017
    Danielle ·

    Good luck to y’all

  • Sarah
    Savvy May 2018
    Sarah ·

    Date twin!!! we have all vendors booked but transportation! So surreal.

  • Ashley
    VIP May 2018
    Ashley ·

    Everything major is booked, we scheduled our engagement photos (we took some when we got engaged), i have my trial next month, and our cake tasting. FH has the attire figured out for the boys, the girls have their dresses.

    We are ordering invitations next month, and we are starting to look into the odds and ends things, like card boxes, signs, frames.

  • 2
    Expert May 2018
    2018wedding ·

    Everything booked.

    Only stress is losing weight now.

    Everything else is easy breezy and costly. Sending save the date at the end of month of the 1st of the year.

  • Mrs J
    Expert May 2018
    Mrs J ·

    I feel ya on the stress starting to kick in! Beginning to reconnect with all my vendors, esp DOC at the venue. Also, trying to schedule hair/makeup trial. I too only just booked a videographer. Luckily there were still several to choose from which surprised me... We have all of our vendors booked, STDs are all mailed, hotel rooms blocked, my dress just arrived (in going to the store to try it on and pick it up on Dec 30th when my mom is in town-- super nervous its not going to fit as I have not lost weight as I had intended...), going to print formal invitations soon (doing final revisions), meeting with our officiant (my grandfather) the first weekend in January for premarital counseling and to plan the ceremony...

  • danijho
    Dedicated May 2018
    danijho ·

    Yayyy!! All major vendors booked. STD went out last month (most of my family has to fly from MO to NY). Invites ordered. Just have to do tasting,locate transportation, grooms attire and alterations for my dress! Ladies, it will be here before you know it!!

  • Meghan
    Dedicated May 2018
    Meghan ·

    Same date here! We've got the cake booked, venue, officiant, my dress will be here in February, still need a caterer but hopefully that will be secured this weekend.. after that, it's just all the little stuff. Ive never been so nervous in my life.

  • Jocelyn
    Dedicated May 2018
    Jocelyn ·

    I keep saying we have 6 months... dang I guess it is 5 and a few days. We have everything booked, the bm wardrobe, just need to order a few tiny things for decor and talk to the florist about changing a few things! I think FH and I are set!

  • Alicia
    Dedicated May 2018
    Alicia ·

    We need an officiant, I just sent out our STD's this week. Everything else is pretty much done. Just buying gifts for the bridal party and parents, plus a little bit left to get for décor and we will be set. YAY! It's getting close!

  • Shannon
    Savvy May 2018
    Shannon ·

    I'm excited but but stressed 5 months is coming so fast but I have everything booked except hairstylist and makeup and haven't done save the dates yet either

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