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Lets see your cake inspiration?!

FutureMrsM, on November 12, 2014 at 8:55 PM Posted in Planning 0 58
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I have two cake tasting appointments scheduled for this Saturday and I'm super excited! I'm sure the scale won't appreciate it but OH WELL, lol.

Here are a few of my favorites. Lets see your cake inspiration?!


  • Future Mrs.
    Devoted May 2015
    Future Mrs. ·

    Even though these are not our colors FH and I like these.

  • AprilBride
    Super April 2015
    AprilBride ·

    This is an actual photo of a cake our baker did, which she is using as a guide. We will put fresh flowers on it.

    I am actually now more excited about the actual taste, as I was so blown away at the tasting. We are having two flavors: banana and chocolate, and peanut butter and chocolate.

  • FutureMrs.C
    Super April 2015
    FutureMrs.C ·

    Oooo I like the middle cake you posted!

  • Monana
    VIP May 2015
    Monana ·

    We are having a multi-dimensional cake. The overall theme is green with vines. Some will be hand painted and some will be sticking out. These are examples of the multi-dimensional look, not exactly what we are going for.

  • Angie
    Super December 2014
    Angie ·

    Heh. My baker thought I was crazy because when she asked me what my inspiration was, I just said, "I want a cake. With buttercream."

    I do not really care about the cake.

  • B
    Master December 2015
    BunnyLove ·

    Here are mine:

  • mrsaj2b
    Master October 2019
    mrsaj2b ·

    Goodness I love cake! Here are my inspiration pics:

  • Kemmie
    VIP May 2015
    Kemmie ·

    Pic 1- Is the cake we are having now except with a purple flower bloom

    Pic 2 - is a cake I fell in love with a week ago cuz the bottom looks like my dress. But I find the top boring and I don't see a classy way to add colour to it which i want

  • ***
    Devoted May 2015
    *** ·

    We plan on having a small cake for cutting and coordinating cupcakes.

  • F
    Expert May 2015
    FutureMrsM ·

    Great pics everyone!

  • Wendy Means
    October 2019
    Wendy Means ·

    Here are some of my favorites from past weddings. If you would like to see more please fell free to visit my website at http://uniquelyyoumt.com/category/wedding-photos/

  • Happy In Hawaii
    Master July 2015
    Happy In Hawaii ·

    @B, I'm usually not a fan of cupcakes for a wedding (even though they're delicious I think of a birthday party) BUT those cupcakes you posted look so awesome!!!

    @FutureMrsM, I'm planning on scheduling cake tasting too, you're doing two in one day? I'd be afraid of getting tired of sweets by the second place! Hope it isn't too much for you!

    My thing right now is that I want an ombre style with turquoise (like the first picture). Then some tropical flowers on it with maybe little designs so it's not too plain looking (like the second picture...no starfish thing for me lol).

  • 1MrsMarlow
    Expert July 2015
    1MrsMarlow ·

    Here is mines. It will be a 3 tier square cake.

  • OGmelanie
    VIP July 2015
    OGmelanie ·

    We'll probably just end up doing a small cake, but I love this!

  • J <3 B
    Devoted August 2015
    J <3 B ·

    The first 3 are what I showed during our tastings. The last one is from the website of the place we chose to do our cake. It's kind of a combo of the first 3 so we'll probably have it done like that minus the square tier ont the bottom. We're doing 3 round tiers. Can't decide if I want purple ribbon or the silver "bling" stuff though.

  • J <3 B
    Devoted August 2015
    J <3 B ·

    It wouldn't let me do more than 3 pictures at once I guess, so here's the last one.

  • Susan
    Master March 2015
    Susan ·

    Love these cakes, hoping for a fountain and decorated like the tower one with flowers. Gorgeous! Yes fountains are dated but we love them.

  • Jessica
    Savvy January 2015
    Jessica ·

    This is what I'm looking to get

  • Natalie
    Master May 2015
    Natalie ·

    We are doing cake tasting right now too. So yummy.

    For our cake we want something pretty simple. Just a ribbon in navy and Swiss dots. This is my inspiration:

  • MrsN426yrs
    Devoted December 2014
    MrsN426yrs ·


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