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How to include family?

Kristen, on November 10, 2014 at 9:55 PM Posted in Planning 0 6
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Okay ladies, I'm in a pickle. I've been blessed (or cursed) with being a people pleaser and I want to include my much younger sisters (9 and 5) and FH's niece (4) and his younger sisters (15 and 13) in the wedding. We already have our bridal party picked. My original thought was to have the two youngest girls as flower girls, but I think that would hurt the 9y/o's feelings. I'm not sure how I can include her. Then the two older girls wouldn't really be interested in being in the ceremony but I know they want to be involved. Does anyone have any suggestions? I hate hurting people's feelings and I don't want to leave anyone out, but I'm just not sure how to include everyone!


  • FutureMrsMerritt
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    FutureMrsMerritt ·
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    Maybe the 9 year old can be the ring bearer if you don't have someone picked already? Or maybe she could do a reading for you all?

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  • JanuaryWedding
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    JanuaryWedding ·
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    Could you put them in charge of the guest book or programs?

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  • Susan
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    Susan ·
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    MY FHs niece is a Junior BM. I have asked my boat load of teenage nephews to help ( direct people at ceremony venue and take down decorations after ceremony and take to reception venue and install them). and my other cousin/niece who is about 14 to do guest book or a reading. Have the little ones as FG, the 9 year old as a JBM and the teens guest book attendants or pass out programs or bubbles etc.

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  • Angie
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    Angie ·
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    One friend I had you married last year had like, 13 cousins and had them all be some sort of flower-person/sign holder. When she described it to me I was like, eh, but the pictures of the long line of children were actually quite adorable.

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  • Megzie
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    Megzie ·
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    I also think you could talk with them. Let them know how important they are to you and talk to them about options. See what they have to say--Some might be super excited, and others may not want to be in it. I can see my nephew being excited until the day of, and then getting scaredSmiley winking

    There are lots of cute ways to involve family--Im having my mom, step-mom, and FMIL walk down the aisle with simple flowers, and at the end of the aisle there will be a vase that they will all add to. Kind of like a coming-together of the different families. There are LOTS of ways to incorporate family...Good luck!

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  • jewles322
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    jewles322 ·
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    I have seen other brides have "junior bridesmaids", so maybe include the older ones as a "junior bridesmaid"??

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